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New Lifting Competition

If you could design a new lifting competition-what lifts would you include and or what rules would you add?

I would have the following

  1. Bottom Position Squat
  2. Two Hand Anyhow-(from the floor to overhead)
  3. Deadlift-hands have to be outside of legs

I would give nice medals rather than trophies (easier to display, they dont break, cheaper for the promoter)

I would allow 7 total attempts, spread out however you want, ie, you could take 4 squat attemps, 1 Two Hand anyhow and then 2 deadlifts

would not allow late entries

would have less weight classes

would give out annual leadership awards for those athletes who donate time at their local high school, or any other incentives to people who give back.

at the state level and below, trophies would be given out AFTER the auditorium is cleaned up, ie, everyone pitches in and helps, like it should be any other thoughts, comments, opinions?

What would be the rules regarding ‘performance-enhancers’ (of one or multiple classes, such as illegal steroids, legal steroids, pro-hormones, etc.) and equipment (deadlift suits, etc.)

the thread is largely dedicated to the types of lifts that you would like to be performed in a hypothetical new lifting competition. I think that discussing equipment and drugs is not really pertinent to this topic-I know people have strong opinions on both sides of these issues and I think it has literally been “beat to death” in terms of internet discussions.



The inclusion of lifts with dumbbells might be interesting. Say, a two-hands, two-dumbbell clean and press or clean and jerk.

Or maybe a one-dumbbell clean and press/jerk with one hand followed immiediately by a clean and press/jerk with the other hand.

These would certainly be good tests of strength and athleticism.

I can, however, see some problems. First, you may be asking for inevitable injury when trying to do max lifts with dumbbells given how much more difficult dumbbells are to control than barbells. Second, the logistics could be a nightmare at a big competition. Either you would need to have an extensive set of fixed dumbbells in place, or several crews to load weights onto adjustable dumbbells between attempts. And I don’t know even know if it would be feasible to make adjustable dumbbells that ranged from 50 kg and up.

dumbell lifts, both one hand and two hand used to be contested lifts in competition many years ago.

Tricep kickbacks and wrist curls. Oh yeah baby!

Then we would see who the real strongmen are.