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New Lifter


Hey everybody sorry I posted in the wrong section before. I started working out a year ago off and on never really doing anything before. Well I have been taking it more serious and started in march at 292 and I am currently 274.

I am 6'2 and 22 years old. Just wondering how to break my days apart and such for lifting and such. I try to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week so any help would be appreciated thanks.


What would you like to get out of lifting?...and be as specific as you can.


I'm guessing you're attempting to lose weight.

I think you'd be well served with starting strength. It'll teach you how to squat, deadlift, and bench because it's a lot of volume on those (I would deadlift 3x5 instead of 1x5).

Lift MWF or TThSa or WFSu

Do cardio at least on off days. On lifting days, walking is a good choice, especially right after waking up.

Periworkout nutrition will be very important as it will have a dramatic effect on your recovery.


Well I want to trim down a lot and tone up. I am not looking to be ripped or anything but just in better shape. Tone is the main focus as of right now.


How many tones would you like to gain? I'm going out on a limb and saying this is a troll thread and a poor one at that.


not a troll.... Just new to the scene and need help that's all. What I am mostly looking for right now is how to break my days up. For example Monday chest and tri's. And what exercises I should do. Just asking for help.


Yes sir, trying to lose 60 more lbs. I would like to lifting mwf. just need to break it apart evenly like back shoulders one day etc. How do you think I should break it up?


This is very vague. You need to form a specific set of goals before any serious advice may be offered through these forums. I actually created this thread for those in your situation:



Ok thanks. Well im 22 years old male. 6'2 started back in march at 292 am now 274. I have never really lifted before so i dont have numbers on bench, squat and such. I am trying to start a routine 3 days a week. Like i said before, I have never done this on my own before so I am a bit lost on what to do each day. I was thinking like chest tri's bi's monday, back shoulders wednesday, then legs on friday.

I want to get down 60 lbs and basically turn all my fat into muscle. I am sorry if this is still vague but I am not even close to the point about worrying about my numbers yet more of being able to do all of the exercises and doing them right. Then i can worry about my numbers. I also am trying dieting, again new to this so i just started this diet.

Meal 1: egg with toast
Meal 2: breakfast bar with apple
Meal 3: salad w/ grilled chicken
Meal 4: usually something different.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.


Starting Strength would be great for you. Look it up.


yea I will check it out thanks guys.