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New Lifter

Hey guys!First post

ive been going to the gym about 8 weeks now 5 days a week and have started seeing some gains. however i train with a few mattes and they all seem to be making alot more progress than me even though we have the same workout and i have a much better diet than them s how can this be?

also what would be the ideal rep range for me to train in, i am 145 pounds here are my 1rep max lifts:

bench press-165
deadlift- 190

i find it tough to gain weight and when i do i seems to be fatty. i feel stronger each week but i dont understand how im lagging in muscle mass gains

Have you read through the threads at the top of this forum?

I’m pretty sure they answer most of your questions.

You say your diet is better than theirs, but don’t post your diet…

You say you have a tough time gaining weight - immediate #1 clue you’re not eating enough, not eating the right foods, etc…

When you do, you seem to be a “fatty” - what is your definition of a fatty? Can you barely see your abs anymore, or you bulk up to 200lbs on twinkies?

What are you eating and when?

well i dont have a strict diet but i know for a fact i eat alot more protein daily and alot more regular than they do and i also dont smoke weed. well i know that not seeing my abs isnt a bad thing and shows that i am bulking up but i seem to get a belly instead of gaining mass across the rest of my body. and as i said i dont have a particular diet i follow i just eat the foods which contain the most protein and carbs whilst eating ‘clean’ foods andno fast food or processed meat.

Check your technique because those numbers are abnormal in proportion to one another. If your bench is used as an indicator, your squat and deadlift are low. But then again, you might just be stronger chestwise to begin with.

My guess is that you need to check technique on your leg lifts.

I’m certainly not one of the big experts around here with 20 years experience, but you might try doing total body 3x a week. Total body seems to work best for most beginners, or a upper and lower split. 5x a week for a newbie seems a bit much. Also how are you lifting? Is it explosive on the up part of the lift, and do you resist and control the weight on the way down? Whats your intensity like? You’ve listed what your maxes are but not what your routine is, the weight your lifting and how many reps/sets etc. Some people respond to high volumes better, some people respond to less volume but more intensity. The bottom line is, if you’re doing what your buds are doing and its not working, then do something else. Thats the golden rule of lifting right there, if it aint working, do something else.

All in all though, its hard to help anyone unless you give us specific details. As far as diet goes, you might be getting fatter, simply because you’re eating alot, but not lifting in a way to build muscle, so those calories are just getting turned to fat. Follow the advice of many on this site, and time your carbs in the morning and around your workouts. the rest of the time just eat meat and green veggies. And if you can, buy some Surge and creatine, cuz they roxorz and stuff lol. Also, are you getting plenty of sleep? Many variables that could be messing you up, the devil’s in the details.

You need to post your height, weight, and complete nutrition program with macro breakdowns. I’m going to guess you aren’t eating enough.

For a few months you probably want to train in the 5-8 rep range and work on form then you can move to lower reps. No need to be doing 1rms at this stage of the game unless your trying to enter a powerlifting contest very soon.

Seeing as you are new to the site, take time to read through articles and use the search function. If you still struggle to find the answers that you need, by all means, ask questions. BUT, you will need to give the posters here a lot more information in order for them to help you.

The amount that you can learn from just reading the forums and articles is mind-boggling.

Not trying to bust your nuts, just some friendly advice! :slight_smile:

IMO you may simply not be eating enough. I know in high school I had a diet that was “better” than pretty much anyone, as in I ate healthy foods and they ate crap. However, my weight stayed around 160 or so while they had no problem hitting 200 and lifts I could only dream of at the time. Now I know I wasn’t eating enough, which was holding me back (at the time I thought I had just hit my genetic ceiling…at 5’11 160 mind you. Once I started eating I gained weight no problem.

x2 on needing to see your “better” diet though

ok thanks for the advice i will take it in and use it to better my workouts particularly the splt upper body/lowerbody routines or maybe the 3 day a week full workout as that seems to be working for a few other of my mates who i dont train with. thanks again and next time ill look around before asking questions youve answered elsewere