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New Lifter, Over 60: Triumvirate AMRP or 5 Pros?

Good morning.
I am getting ready to help a new guy out at the gym. He is 62 and hasn’t lifted in 20 years.

I thought I would start him out on the Triumvirate.

I can’t remember where I read it but it was suggested that with older lifters it is better to do 5 Pros instead AMRP with the main lifts?

What are your thoughts and experience.

I’m only 43 but I’m sold on doing both in a leader/anchor style.

Leader 5 pros X2 cycles. (7 weeks). More volume, less intensity
Anchor 3/5/1 with amrap on the 3 and 1+ week only. More intensity, less volume

smashed prs but didn’t break myself. No idea where your guy is at though with such a large break. PRs might be fine with a very low TM.

62 here.
I ran 531 for 7 years before my hip replacement in June.
I found 5 progression with the % of weeks 351 to work best. Rarely deloaded, and lifted every other day.
Main lift , then FSL 3x5 or something similar for 3x10 and then 25-50 reps of accessory type movements.
I almost never did AMRAP, sometimes I would max at 9 or 6 reps ( makes the math easy for new TM). Sometimes just a hard triple. AMRAP never felt as good after. I would work up, after a few cycles just reset the TM and work up again. Maybe change the supplemental movement.
Squat 5 pro
FSL 3x5
Core 50 reps
Seated knee extension 50 reps
Hamstring curls 50 reps
Face pulls 50 reps
BP 5 pro
DBBP 3x10
Pull up or a row 50 reps
Curls 50 reps
Triceps 50 reps
DL 5pro , I like as singles.
SSBGM with chains 3-5x8-10
Rows 5x10
MP 5 pro
BTN 3x10
LPD 5x10
Curls 50, rear delts 50,triceps 50
You get the idea.
Good luck, start light.

Thanks for your responses.