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New 'Legends' MuscleMag Issue


I picked this up today - it's a pretty cool issue with a lot of good pics and info about the history of BB. Lots of the same pics we've seen before, but some new stuff. Good articles on Gironda, Pearl, Grimek, Arnold, Zane and others.

Man I haven't purchased a MuscleMag in like 10 years....


Thanks, I will look out for it. Any of ID's art in it?


I didn't see anything from ID, but then again I haven't read the entire thing yet.


No. They didn't want to fill up the mag with useless goofy drawings. Instead it was all vintage photos.


Ouch, sorry ID, well at least this is not something that they will do a lot of. Kids now probably dont even know who any of the vintage guys are.


Whatever you say is always drowned out but the helicopter noise.


I've had this magazine for a while. It is a good read. I never knew much about the BB of yesteryear. It is a great publication, hard to imagine it's a magazine. Sounds totally teenage like but there's a couple of posters in there, including one B&W by Art Zeller of Arnold and Franco, I put that one up on my wall, haha. I see this magazine as another source of inspiration.


great issue though. just shy of perfection due to no artwork from ID, but close :slight_smile:


This was the issue I wagged in front of the camera for my Arnold flexing bit. I erased the vid from youtube though because my coworker said he didn't want to have the video online like that. Yeah, all 200 views.


Guess we'll have to settle for your autograph on one of the magazine pages. Only then will it be complete.



You guys.... thanks!

Seriously... it IS a great issue. I'm a sucker for old school BBers, and even I don't want to see artwork taking up space.


It really is a good issue. It has lots and lots of stories and pics.


I don't usually pick up many bodybuilding mags (get the natty ones, but that's to follow the 'competition' -lol), but this one is definitely going to be purchased. Love reading the old stuff and seeing the BnW pics.



That magazines been out for at least two months, i picked it up at a 711 a while back and was really pleased while reading through it. Tons of cool pics, info and insight as to what these guys did for their training/nutrition.