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New Legal Steroid?!?!

Is this the much-awaited, ever-anticipated NANDROSOL product? It seemed like in Tim, in his ‘Behind’ was describing a different kind of delivery system than what he was talking about before in regards to Nandrosol. So does this mean 2 new products, or is Nandrosol going to be scrapped for the time being?

While I can’t say what the other “pro-steroid” supplements are that we are coming out with, I think it’s okay to say that they are all natural product steroids. This is why the products are legal… it’s okay to sell natural products (that aren’t specifically banned) or “prohormones” or “pronutrients” of natural products that convert to the natural product. For example, many vitamins you buy are really pronutrients: they’re modified versions of the natural product that convert to the natural product in the body – this is legal. So, our products all yield natural hormones: no synthetics. Some of the very favorite anabolics are natural hormones, though!

whats the difference between this “new legal steroid” and another nordiol prohormone???

The differences are oral bioavailability, which is far higher for the new products than for diols or diones because the steroid is protected from first pass metabolism; and percent conversion, which is far higher for the new products (approaching 100% to my knowledge). The new products are not diols or diones. The conversion also doesn’t depend on enzymes, unlike the case for previous generation prohormones. The comparison to make is with esters, where the ester group comes off giving the parent steroid; here the ether group comes off. The differences are that #1 making an ester of nandrolone gives you a controlled substance whereas making an ether does not; and making an ether gives you high oral bioavailability whereas making an ester does not, and using a diol or dione does not.

Eliyahu, you’re right, Nandrosol is a completely different product, and it is coming out very shortly. It shouldn’t be thought of as working mostly by providing nandrolone to the body, but rather by providing nor-4-AD; same way as Androsol works mostly by providing 4-AD not by providing T, although it does also increase T levels as a side effect. So the new oral provides (only) nandrolone, while Nandrosol provides mostly nor-4-AD. They’re complementary products, rather than overlapping products.

I was 19 last year when I used NorDiol for an 8week period in order to counteract the catabolic effects of Prednisone (I have Crohn’s Disease, and when I get sick, my Dr. always wants to put me on pred- I was on it for 10 months-never again…I’d rather flare up and lose 30 lbs than be on pred…the side effects aren’t worth it), a corticosteriod that breaks down muscle, bone mass, etc…The NorDiol helped me regain some lbm, without side effects. I was taking in excess of 1000-1200mg daily, nothing after 4pm. I would go ahead and have your t-levels checked anyway, but don’t let that be the deciding factor in deciding whether to use prohormones or not. Use it wisely and you should have no problems.