New Laptop

I need to get a new laptop. I had to hand my old one in back to school since I’m not going there anymore.

Anyway, I’m not going to be using it for gaming or anything. Mostly using it for internet access and keeping my useless crap on it and probably using it to watch a movie on it every once in a while.

I’d like it to be fairly durable and fairly reliable as I’m a retard when it come to fixing the damn thing.

I’m looking to spend about 1000 or less. Any ideas? Thanks.

Plenty out there for that amount of cash bro - just ignore the software that comes with it and PM me for anything you need :wink:

I like Sony’s (Vaio) - Always been good to me. Solid enough and reasonable price although price is very country specific.

A Thinkpad R61 might be a good choice. It’s the sturdiest thing out there, has all the bells and whistles, and is well within your price range. Plus, Thinkpad’s don’t depreciate so much compared to other laptops.

Macbook. I got a reconditioned one from the Macstore.

Best $900 I ever spent.

You’re not a third-world orphan with a wireless router in your home village, by any chance?

If your answer is no, well, I’m a Mac man myself, so I agree with RainJack and suggest the MacBook. It has Intel Inside so you can put both Mac and Windows inside it and it’ll run at native speed either way.

any modern day laptop will work as long as you arent gaming.

[quote]Renton wrote:

I like Sony’s (Vaio) - Always been good to me. Solid enough and reasonable price although price is very country specific.[/quote]

Agreed. All my computers, whether desktops or laptops, have been Sony’s, and I have no complaints.

Check out the deals on Overstock. I got a refurbished Sony Vaio, listed at Best Buy for $2,300, for $950, with a full warranty.

Thanks guys. I should have said in my original post that I’m not looking at Mac’s. I have a few friends who have them and I’m just not a fan.

I’ll look into the suggestions. Thanks again.

Toshiba Satellite.

get a macbook. It is the best piece of equipment you will ever buy. I got one a few months ago and was skeptical cuz everyone says soooo much shit about how good they are. Honestly, they are amazing. Get one. You will not be let down at all.

If you’re looking for a laptop that runs Windows, I’d say Thinkpad. Hands down.

Check it out:

I think Lenovo has a big discount on thinkpads going on right about now, too.

And ragingbassist picture just explained why you should not buy a Macbook…

[quote]JokerFMJ wrote:
And ragingbassist picture just explained why you should not buy a Macbook…[/quote]

Is that the Impact Players pose? I miss the ECW. The original one, not the WWE-owned one.

Another reason why I recommend a MacBook is that my high school ordered a bunch and everybody loves the laptop’s design (we were already using OS X so can’t comment on the OS). It has a built-in camera, an excellent keyboard, wireless, and an excellent case design. It puts my old iBook to shame. And with the new OS you don’t even have to use a Mac at all if you love Windows that much.

Just to clarify Rrjc, every single machine that’s being recommended to you her is overpriced in one way or another. On the Macbooks, you pay the OSX tax, plus the pretty design, neat packaging. Buying a Sony would be like buying designers clothes. The brand took a serious beating in recent years, and it’s image is certainly not the same shiny standard it once was but their products are still pricey. If you get the Thinkpad, you’ll be paying the heavy-duty tax.

You need to sort out your priorities, and if you’re not into fashion, care about brand tags, or plan it to be your vagabondage buddy, you’re better off with an entry level generic (think Acer and the like). Laptops are ridiculously cheap these days. Around here, they give them away with 2-year internet contracts. You can easily get a decent new machine for under 500$. has some great deals and very good laptops. They have some good information on their about the manufacturing process, too, and what equipment they use.

Acer laptops tend to come with a lot of bothersome crap included and in my opinion are poorly optimized memoryhogs.

I am interning as a sys admin at a local college where we use HP laptops, haven’t had a single problem with them and they’ve been easy to use and upgrade.

My friend has an Acer Aspire 5100 and it is wicked nice!! from what i understand it cost him like $650.00

HP has had some nice laptops coming out recently. Free shipping for anything over $100 and some laptops have $200 off for Xmas. Of course, I recommend HP because I’m an HP employee, but I’ve honestly been happy with the HP laptops I’ve had over the years.