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Total T is 790 on 100mg Test Enanthate divided into M W F injections at .33 each. The test was taken on the monday after the friday injection before mondays shot. Free T was 198, and Estradiol was 40, prior to TRT E2 was 12. Doc. wants to bump up to 125mg a week with the same dosing schedule along with anastrozole twice a week(unsure of the dosing). I also take HCG 250IU twice a week.

Any thoughts are appreciated...


You should try to dose adex at 1.25mg/week with 125mg/week T. Unfortunately, Anastrozole tablets are not going to divide into that dosing. It would be best to dose anastrozole EOD. This is where a liquid is needed. Some have dissolved Arimidex in vodka, 1mg/ml and dose that by the drop or a small oral syringe.


fuck your labs. start doing 5/3/1 or we'll kill and eat you


Thank you KSman, I'm still unsure of the dosing the clinic is going to ask me to take, I'll know next Wed. when I'm able to reorder my protocol. All I know so far is that they asked me to take it twice a week, whether that's pill or liquid form I'm unsure. Regardless I will try and somehow divide the doses into EOD. I will try and ask for the liquid also. Thanks again. Hopefully the added 25mg/week should bump me up from the 700's to the 900's or so, especially with the added adex.


Liquid anastrozole really does not exist in the medical world.


Alright so my anastrozole is in .25 mg capsules that i'm instructed to take twice a week. I do realize that I should be taking either 1 full mg or 1.25 mg based on my 125mg test injections split M W F. However, they have only given me enough refills during the year to keep me supplied on the dosage they've prescribed.

How low can I expect an E2 level of 40 to drop on .5 mg twice a week? I've thought about just taking it four times a week and getting extremely lean so many I wouldn't have to take as much at some point...


The real question is... how do you feel at E2=40?


Much better than when it was low pre TRT, however now I do at least have the test. Energy is a little down compared to first starting TRT. Sex drive went through a good spot for about two weeks but went down considerably after reaching E2=40. Mainly the energy though, feel foggy often again.


Well, I found out that since starting TRT, at first my thyroud was functioning at 325 but two months later went down to 301? Everything I've read suggests thyroid should go up with test.


But are there natural fluctuations anyways? [I do not know one way or the other.]
Please add units and ranges. TSH, FT, T3, fT3, fT4?