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New Labs. Thankful for Insight

Hi all. Been steady at 125 mg divided in 2 doses sub q Monday Thursday.
New labs taken approximately 72 hours post injection
E2- 21.5. ( highest it’s been, have had consistent low e2, is orgasm intensity improved with good levels?)
TT- 524
FT- 12

Any thoughts ? What do you anticipate peak being given these numbers? Ratio Tt to FT. Any comments appreciated.

How do you feel?

Lol , knew that was coming. Feel ok. I don’t have the my life has changed experience that some do. Weight has stayed the same, perhaps a little bf loss. Lifts haven’t increased much.

That has been noted, up to a point.

Hard to say, maybe 800. You’re at 2.29% free. Personally, I’d go up, but I lean towards higher doses/levels compared to many here.


I agree, especially based on “meh” feelings. You have room for improvement.

@259317 How long at this current protocol?

Increase your free t so it’s towsrds the top 25% of the range. So 10-25 free t range I’d see most guys in the 20s.

About 8 weeks. What would you bump to? I seem to get some anxiety when changing dose so wouldn’t want to go nuts

I think you are doing great at your current protocol. Your E2 is about perfect the top of the Free T range is only 18 and you are at 12. Guys start to feel low T symptom at 10 or less. You’re at 2.29% free that is also about perfect.

8 weeks is nothing. You need to give this protocol time to work. You have only been at a steady state for about 2 week. Now that you are at a therapeutic level give it time It takes months to heal not weeks.

Now you need to start looking at your diet, exersize and sleep. Your bodies metabolism is just starting to kick into gear.


You start messing with your protocol now and you will be chasing your tail forever. TRT is only 1 piece of the puzzle. Best of luck to you.

EDIT give this article a read you will get a better idea of what happens when.