New Labs, SHBG Went Up after Increasing Test Dose?

I just got my blood results .
My calculated free test is 27, (free test blood lab test said it was 216 pg/ml)
Estradiol 28
Sbhg 78

I ve been taking 40 mgs.cypionate plus 500iu hcg in same syringe 3 times per week (120 mgs per week)

Today I also got my dr to prescribe me more cypionate. I have enough to take 150 mg per week .
I was just wondering what people think of my results and if they would do things differently ? Two months before this test I had been taking less cypionate and my estradiol was only 13 and my free test was definitely too low. So now I have increased both free test and estradiol. I do not know if estradiol would be better if higher though. l I definitely feel better than before. ( i have been recovering from an illness and had low energy issues).

But from what I read here, i could probably feel even better if I increase my free test from current 27 to more like 30 -40 ? Two blood tests ago, my shbg was 70 and now its 78. I thought it would have went down more after increasing my cypionate dose, but it went up instead. Does anyone understand why?

Working out can increase SHBG temporarily, liver problems can do the same. Cutting (starvation) to get lean can increase SHBG substantially.

Thanks. It could be my liver . I’m really good to my liver now, but it has been through a lot in the past.

Normally TRT suppresses SHBG in most cases, except in people with diabetes where SHBG is being hammered down.

1500 iu hcg every week could be overdose be careful with that

27ng is just fine. The grass isn’T always greener …

27 is fine but that does not mean its my optimal range. Im recovering from an illness and Im trying to get every edge i can get.
According to some people posting here, they feel even better if free test is 30 to 40.
I have increased my dosage from 400 to 600 mg per month ( i inject mon, wed, fri) . Its been almost a month at this higher dosage, and it made a really big difference in my energy, mood stamina. Ive gained noticable muscle this month too. In another month, I will test for my new free test levels.