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New Labs, Not What I Expected

39 years old and have been on TRT for about 12 weeks. Original diagnosis did not include dissecting the root cause of the low T and I was not educated enough in the begenning to know the difference. Before therapy TT was sub 300 (348-1197) and the doc started me on 200mg test c in a single injection every two weeks. After the second injection i was able to talk her into letting me self inject at home and have been doing that ever since.

I was given a script for 400mg of test c every two weeks … I started injecting 60mg every 84 hours (sub-q) and had blood drawn again at week 7. TT came back at 769, free t 31.45 (5-21) and sensitive E was 34.

I increased my dosage to 70mg every 84 hours and added 250iu HCG every 84 hours as well. HCG is injected the day prior to my test injection.

I had blood drawn this past week … 5 weeks since the last blood work and since the changes were made. I am still waiting on the sensitive E and free T results but my total test came back lower at 737.

Any theories on how/why it would come back lower?

Both times blood was drawn on a Tuesday morning following a Monday morning test injection. Roughly 29 hours after injection on the first blood work and roughly 26 hours after injection on the second blood work.

That’s only 30 points, that could easily be attributed to normal variations, especially in a blood test with a wide range. Why did you increase your dose? It can take several weeks for changes to fully take effect. Are you using an sort of AI? You could be converting more T>E, which could cause a lower reading. You need to keep E2 in check. Don’t get “T” tunnel vision, TRT is more about how you feel with a given protocol than your T number.

My doc basically wrote me a script and sent me on my way … which is a good thing and a bad thing. I have 200mg per week to work with and just chose 120mg to start with and was planning on keeping consistant until first blood work was done.

I was feeling much, much better than before therapy but not what I would call “great” so I decided to up the dose just a bit as well as add the HCG.

I do have an AI on hand but have never taken it … the first blood work showed E at 34 which might be a touch high but not high enough to warrant taking an AI with no other sides present. I am waiting on the E results from this test to see how much, if any, change has occurred in E levels.

No tunnel vision … that is why I started low and will work from there depending on first and foremost how I feel and a close second will be what blood work shows.

The rest of the results just came through …

Free T 36.56 (5-21)

E Sensitive 47

I believe I will try .25mg of adex the day of my injection.

I’m like Catfish, why would you raise your dose when your numbers looked good and your free T was already above the range and your e2 was already starting to rise apparently. I would say raising your dose made you convert more to e2.