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New Labs. Need Comments

hi guys
results arrived today
hematies 5.57T/L 4.5-5.8
hemoglobine 17.2 g/dl 13.0-17.5
hematocrite 53% 40-54
Testosterone 7.64ng/ml 1.93-7.40
E2 11pg/ml 7.63-42.6
ferritine 685ng/ml 30-400
TSH 1.32ui/ml 0.27-4.20
T3L 3.7 pmol/l 3.1-6.8
T4L 13.0pmol/l 12-22
25OH vitD2/D3 34ng/ml 30-100
My protocol:
75mg androtardyl E3D sub Q
2.7-2.8 mg AROMASINE ED liquid form
2g Omega3 ED
500mg vitC ED
500mg calcium ED i dont drink milk or derivates

I feel good;train hard 3 times a week;some ED when i don’t take cialis but i tried L CITRULINE now…
Any comments are apprecied
thank you and excuse my english Eric

Most things look good. The lowish E2 may be causing your ED, so you may want to knock your aromasin dose back to every other day instead of every day.

How do you feel?

Thank you VTBalla34 for ansew
i feel good;i reduce aromasin to 2mg/day and restart HCG 250ui every 6 days
wait and see!!
What do you think about my thyroid
i try to add some iodoral 6mg every week
thank you

Thyroid is a bit low, but TSH response looks good. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it. Do you have good energy levels? Any trouble losing fat?

Also, didn’t you used to have a thread there? you should keep those threads going instead of starting new ones so we can get a clear picture of your history.

Also, Vitamin D is low–you need to supplement it.

I have an old thread but too many pages to read and no one to read it now. I have good energy levels especially in the morning but around 14h I resent the need to nap. I started taking vitamin D
thank you Eric

fT3 and fT4 are quite below mid-range
Check and report morning and afternoon body temperatures
Ever feel cold when others are not?
Using iodized salt or sea salt.

Hematocrit is getting where you need to be watching it.
Were you dehydrated for the lab work?

Ferritin is high, you may be retaining to much iron.
Iron in supplements or ‘fortified’ foods?

How often do you inject and how much?
When do you do labs, just before your inject?

Hello KSman
I’m not always chilly and slightly dressed.
I start to take 6.5mg of iodine(iodoral) per week; blood test done 2 days after the shot; 1h30 in the morning after a meal with protein powder and only one glass of fruit juice
No iron suplement but the doctor said normal ferritin (105 kg- 1m82 and a lot of muscles)
my protocol is:
75 mg androtardyl E3D
2.5mg aromasine ED
10g L citrulline/day
I start again HCG at 250ui E6D looks better for me
i feel good;big libido;good training
if i use some cialis or viagra;no problems with ED.if I masturbate with a porno no need of viagra,cialis…
Thank you for your help

So KSman;no idea?
The time difference between USA and F give the exchange of ideas difficult.I do not despair from you again
thank you Eric