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New Labs, Low Libido

So got some new labs in today:

TT: 19.7 nmol/l 567ng/dl
E2: 64.7 pmol/l 17.59 pg/ml
SHBG 13.9 nmol/l

Everything else all good and in range including DHEA, prolactin, free T is still high normal and albumin.

Though I still have absolutely no libido, I can get an erection and always have morning wood and erections through the night but it’s upstairs I don’t feel anything, no sex drive in my head.

I’m not sure whether the problem is mental or hormonal.

Anyone any suggestions?

Low e2 is my guess. Maybe it’s fine for you but if my e2 was that low I probably wouldn’t be in the mood either. Maybe you’re like some of us that benefit from a higher level of e2? Or maybe you’re just not into it right now. Stress, poor sleep, dietary changes, all of it can mess with your libido. It’s not uncommon.

You could be right, I have some mental issues and suspect a possible dopamine problem but suppose I could up my test dose or HCG dose to see if a slightly higher E2 will help.

Thanks for your kind advice.

You might be able to get away with estrogen on the lower end because of low SHBG which usually means more free hormones. Sometimes libido can take the longest to recover, once I heard of a guy after 13 months on TRT his libido just came out of nowhere and was very strong.

If I were you, I would increase the HCG. Maybe you haven’t hit that threshold where your body starts responding to appropriate levels of estrogen.

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Great advice and feedback thanks!

I’ll give the HCG a slight increase, will be good for the testicles too if nothing else.