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New Labs - Low Cholesterol?

A quick update: Libido and potency have improved, thank goodness, but fatigue and melted-brain syndrome continue to be a problem. I went to a new doc, who ordered new blood tests. Here are the notables (Check out my old thread for background http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/t_up_65_in_a_month_lh_doubled_how):

TSH: 0.815 uIU/mL (.4 - 4.0)
Free T4: 0.5 ng/dL (.69 - 1.39)
Free T3: 3.91 pg/mL (1.8 - 4.2)

This is the first time my T4 has dipped below the reference range. Usually it hovers around the low end.

Testosterone 194
Free Test 3.42
SHBG 37 nmol/L (13 - 71)
DHEA-S 362 ug/dL (80 - 560)

The blood was drawn at 3:15 in the afternoon, so my test levels were probably nearing their nadir. Likely useless for diagnostic purposes, but still kind of a bummer.

Hemoglobin 13.8 g/dL (14.0 - 18.0)

I have no idea if this is relevant or not, but it was flagged as “low.”

Cholesterol 114 mg/dL

I find this figure interesting only because I don’t consume what anyone would characterize as a “low cholesterol diet.” I eat plenty of meat, eggs, butter, etc. I have read that low cholesterol correlates with depression, so perhaps it’s a contributing factor?

Vitamin D (25 Hydroxy) 43
Vitamin B12 998 pg/mL (193 - 982)

Looks like I’ll need to ease up on the B12 injections a bit. Will probably stick to the 4k of D3 per day.

Unfortunately, the new doc turned out to be a bit of a quack. She spent most of the consultation pitching me on the various panaceas offered by her office – IVs, cleanses, even a DVD. However, I do have some interesting new data from the latest lab work, so all is not lost. I will begin anew the search for a decent doc. In the meantime, anybody have any thoughts on my new lab work? Any insight is greatly appreciated.