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New Labs - HRT

You can read my background info on this topic here:

But I started a new thread only because I thought the posting would benefit people who might want to know, but might not want to read all that.

Bottom line:
April 25th I started 400mg cypionate every 2 weeks with my primary doctor to raise my test levels from 173ng/dl.

Based on bulkmuscle.com’s PCT caculator, when I went in Monday to have my bloodwork done, I had 193mg remaining out of the 3 shots I’ve had.

New blood test results 1127ng/dl.

I’m very confident doc is going to drop my dose down… probably 200-300 every 2 weeks.

Time from injection to blood work?
Was this specified by your doctor or?

You will spike T, leads to spiked E, leads to increase SHBG, leads to less FT.

With E going up and down, controlling E2 properly with an AI would be impossible. What is your E2 status, pick any day and you can have a different E2 number. How can you treat that!

Feeling a drop in results now? That would be estrogen poisoning. As your T fades out in week two, residual RE will make you estrogen dominant.

Most get T once a week, less spike and less effects of spikes. Many inject twice a week.

Young virile men to not release T once every two weeks. From an HRT point of view, what you are doing is quite insane.

How often you inject should be your decision. You still get the same amount per week. I an some others inject every other day, with insulin syringes such as you use for hCG. [#29 .5ml .5"]

My first shot was April 25 @ 400mg, 2nd was May 9th, and the last one was May 23rd. My physician wanted to view the blood test results after 6 weeks to see where we were at in terms of total test levels. My intention was also to have him drop my dose down to 200mg, but do that every week instead of 400mg every 2 weeks. The blood test was taken 10 days after the last injection, on June 2nd.

I agree with everything you said about E2. Week 2 has been the worst after each shot and I have called his office twice concerning that. I have a consultation with him Friday which I know a) he won’t prescribe any estrogen control therapy and b) he will want to lower my dose. After playing with the numbers today, I doubt he will want to lower it to my original thoughts of 150mg/week. I now think he’ll want to lower it to 100/wk, which is why I consulted in another doctor. The new doctor wants to prescribe the following (tell me what you think):

400mg/wk Test E (injected how I choose)
200mg/wk Deca
.5mg anastrozole (e3d)
1,000IU HCG
And Nolvadex in case I need

I’d cancel the appointment with the first doc and forget I ever knew him. New doc is the one you want to know.

Yesterday’s doc visit went as predicted. He didn’t like seeing 1100ng/dl levels and wanted to drop me to 100mg/wk. I told him of the aging clinic and he said for me to come back every few months so we could do blood work just to make sure things are still going as planned. He’s a pretty cool guy, but it’s on to the aging clinic now.