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New Labs: High Free T?

Labs were drawn the day of shot before the shot.
Doc says free T is too high. Wants me to cut back. Doing .5ml twice a week subQ.
DHEA 150
Estrodial 16
Total T 817
Free T 215.9 35-155 pg/ml

When I do the online calculator it looks like my free t is fine. What do you guys think? Doc wants me to go to .4 twice a week. 200mg cyp

If you are feeling good, I do not see any reason to cut the dose.

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Other than the doctor has changed his prescription to .4 so if he continues .5 he will run out.

Your SHGB is low and low SHGB guys just don’t need big slugs of T. You want the secret to TRT’s sweet spot? Get your Free T to the top of the range on peak days and never go over it.
In a very short time your E2 will stabilize without and AI your HCT will settle down and no more blood donations. It works man I’m telling you. Never worry about your TT number or how big your injection dose is. That is all bro-science bragging BS. Us low SHGB guys on TRT got it easy.

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You make it sound so easy! I’m going to try it. No blood donations or AI would be great. Thanks!

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He asked what I thought. I don’t think he needs to cut his dose, provided he is happy with his result so far. But yeah, it’s not my decision, it’s his doctor’s call.

@hrdlvn I’m on an EOD schedule and inject around 11pm at night. When do you think my peak time could be to get a blood draw to figure this out?

I’ve never seen it written in stone but the majority of folks think if you are using T cyp it peeks in 24-48 hours and E2 peaks just after that. I inject M/T (shgb 22-29) so I have blood drawn Monday morning before my injection for a trough. When I want my peak I have my blood drawn Wed morning.

My TRT clinic want trough numbers so when I want TT/FT peak numbers I have to buy them. The internet has many places to buy high quality blood test at very reasonable prices using the same labs like labcorp and quest.
EOD is very tricky because IMO you never have a true peak or trough. T cyp has a 9 day half life and requires 40 days to reach steady state. hth

Here’s a mini blood test peak I paid for back in July. My clinic raised my TRT T cyp to 150 mg/wk.
I knew it was to much but I tried it anyway and after 6weeks look at that HCT …blood donating time.


Since that blood test I have cut my weekly dose and did not tell them. I don't plan to tell them. If my script is for 150 and I only use 110 then there is extra every month so if I have a problem getting a script filled I have a small emergency reserve. Everybody's happy. haha


Given your ferritin, I’d be hesitant to donate blood.