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New Labs - Help Appreciated

Hi Guys,

I have received my full hormone panel.

Doctor put me on 25mg Clomid/ED prior to getting full panel back based only off of original T and Free T tests. After reading the stickies I don’t know why.

New results are as follows.

Total Test: 539 (up from 378 the week before, but tested 2nd time in afternoon)
Free Test: 8.2 (Low)
LH: 6.3
FSH: 3.6
Prolactin: 6.6

If I understand the stickies correctly, and i’m not sure that I do. I shouldn’t be taking Clomid for these results, but should be taking HcG.

If anybody can provide any insight I would appreciate it. I just want to start feeling better. I have absolutely NO energy.

Edit: I am 26, 5’11, 226lbs

Clomid can inflate TT by raising SHBG and leaving FT unchanged like yours. I would not go this way personally.

Any recommendations on which direction I should guide my doctor?

Well on a good dose of clomid, your free T is not moving, so it’s hard to say if there’s any evidence this will work.

I would go to TRT, but you could give this a try for a couple of more weeks but that could elevate SHBG more.

These test were taken before I had taken any Clomid.

If I have to go the TRT route would I also do HCG. I want to have kids which is my concern.

Also, do my results indicate primary or secondary?

Never take a SERM [nolvadex, clomid] with hCG as both hit the LH receptors and too much of that can create high T–>E2 inside the testes.

25mg/ed clomid may be too much.
Some guys feel like crap on Clomid and Nolvadex does not do that.

Need lab ranges, always. All the more with FT.

You need E2 and SHBG tested before trying SERM or TRT.
TT:FT suggests something wrong and also need liver AST/ALT

This should have been part of your first thread. Please do not fracture your case across multiple thread.

Thyroid can do this. Have you always used iodized salt or are you iodine deficient?

Went in for a follow up before reading this post. Clomid was giving me nasty side effects. So he pulled me off and told me he wanted to try TRT with HCG.

Sorry I thought the lab ranges were always the same. I will edit that when I get home.

He didnt test me E2 or SHGB (not sure why. I am learning as I go here. It’s alot of info to take in all at once.)

I will look on my original labs and see if they did the AST/ALT as well. I know they did not do them on my most previous run.

As for the salt. I honestly have no idea.