New Labs: FSH and LH at Zero on HCG

Hi guys,

Been on HCH mono for a bit over a month now. For the most part, things have been good. T levels in the 700’s, E2 within range…just a bit of bloating as an annoyance.

Got updates labs done and both my FSH and LH levels are at 0. LH I understand, but does it make sense for my FSH to be at zero as well? Haven’t hears back from the doctor yet.


I’ll assume you are on HCG for fertility, FSH injections sounds like the next step, you need HCG and FSH injections. HCG mimics LH, it replaces and doesn’t increase LH because HCG is HPTA suppressive.

If the goal is to use HCG in place of TRT, you have achieve that goal, but if fertility is a concern you will need FSH.

HCG can cause bloat, try smaller more frequent injections. Please take note AI’s can’t affect E2 produced inside the testicles, therefore lowering the HCG dose may be the only way to lower estrogen.

Many guys on TRT are able to conceive with hCG.

Sorry, little confused here.

So I’m taking HCG as monotherapy rather than testosterone to try to rely on my own testosterone production. E2 levels are still within range and don’t think I can go any lower as only taking 500 IUs 3 times a week. I’m just wondering if it’s normal or alarming for HCG alone to completely shut down both my FSH and LH levels. They were normal prior to HCG.

HCG mimics FSH and LH in that it stimulates the testicles to make testosterone and sperm. There is an increase in DHT and estrogens which therefore decreases the release of FSH and LH.

Yeah I know about the suppression of LH but didn’t know it affects FSH as well. Just wanted to make sure this is normal and not dangerous.

E2 may be in range but you are bloated, so unless you inject smaller doses of HCG or decrease the dosage, then you will have to get used to the bloat.

It seems whether you are on HCG or TRT, you are shutdown regardless. HCG is suppressing your HPTA, this is normal and should have been expected.

FSH is secreted by the HPTA and yours is shutdown.

Odd, I had another topic on the subject and was told the bloating usually subsides…