New Labs, Feeling Completely Rubbish. Little Faith in Endos

Feeling completely crap.
Tried TRT numerous times, never works and libido, then everything else crashes after a few weeks.

Symptoms are:
Extreme fatigue, literally could sleep 20 from 24 hrs (traditionally been a night owl).
Joint pain, ranging to severe.
Reduced mobility from muscle pain (always been very active, weights and martial arts).
Severe brain fog.
Terrible memory.
Brittle nails.
Sensitive to cold in hands and especially feet.
Very low libido (always been insatiable).
Even normal activity is simply exhausting atm.
I’ve lost muscle mass and increased fat, although I’ve adjusted diet to reflect being less active.

I also have a varicole that is causing some discomfort, lose underwear is not possible and when I ride a motorcycle, my usual transport, bumps and potholes are felt and painful.
I had a thyroid panel done as the symptoms pointed in that direction, looks pretty normal though.
LH and FSH are very high, suggestions?

I really don’t have faith in endos and am done with throwing money at them to be told everything is ‘normal’ and that things will ‘work themselves out.’
Also I live in Asia now where I consider medicine to be well below western standards, so I am turning to the collective minds on the forum to try to find a solution.
I’ve attached labs I received today.

Morning temp 35.9 /96.2 (sleeping in air con)
Afternoon temp 36.6 / 97.8 (35° heat)

Thank’s to all in advance.

It sounds like you’re not giving TRT a chance, a lot of guys expect immediate results. I read posts everyday where guys feel great for a couple of weeks and then they start feeling horrible, that’s a normal response for most and so they think TRT doesn’t work for them. They don’t realise once you start TRT your axis shuts down after a while, weeks/months later you’ll start feeling normal again if you’re being properly managed by your doctor.

Trt has had more chances that a trailer park wife!
I tried it, and stuck it out while feeling shit, for 9 months at the longest stint, I feel that should be long enough to get ‘dialed in’.
Eating well, training hard, running reasonable doses and HCG.
Never could get that elusive sweet spot.

@KSman any ideas / input?

It gets better, I just went to a local hospital and asked to see an endo, showed her the test results.
Conversation went a bit like this…
I’m concerned by the high levels of LH and FSH in this test.
-why did you have that test?
Because those are important hormones for men.
-OH no, don’t worry about those, they are female hormones.
-Those are female hormones, you should not worry about those.
Are you an endocoligst?
I don’t believe you, do you specialize in endocology?
-I’m a doctor, I’ve studied endocology.
Sorry but if you don’t know the role those hormones play for men I can’t consult with you, I’m leaving…

Couldn’t make this up!

Faced with that I went to another hospital, this time I got the see the endo.
Checked before I got into it.
‘you’re the endocrinologist at this hospital?’
Showed him the labs and described my symptoms.
-These ranges are normal.
‘You think my LH and FSH are normal?’
‘I’m an active 52yr old, not 85.’
-No no this is a normal blood test.

How do these people get that qualification!

OK I’ll take this in a different direction.
Can anyone recommend a good endo?
I’ll just contact them and have an online/email consult.

Any help appreciated.

When you tried TRT, did you get your Estradiol checked when you felt like shit? E2 goes up for a lot of men and negates the positive TRT effects. Also if you remember, how much and what was your frequency? Injections I hope?

Also your temps and low-ish free T3 indicates a thyroid problem, do you get enough iodine?

That’s the bizarre thing, e was at a good ratio to t.
Labs looked good and nothing seemed out of wack, except how I felt and libido.
E ranged from 14-20, not what I’d call high, if it went lower than 14 I would feel like death.
That hovered around 550-650.

I did have a couple of of estrogen disasters, I’m incredibly sensitive to AI’s and the doses people use here would literally flatline my e, that’s as bad as low t, worse actually.

However I was generally able to get my e up again pretty quickly.

Even with t and e looking balanced, I just felt poor after those first few weeks, low to non existent libido and brain fog would be back…

Dosage was 50mg every Monday and Thursday. Ai was a tiny amount, anything more crashed my e. 250iu hcg same day as the test jabs, that was my protocol.