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New Labs and Debating TRT


I was on Dr monitored TRT from Jan 2012 through August 2015. Due to money issues and difficulty in finding a decent Dr AND generally not noticing any kind of a difference (aside from thinning hair) when on TRT I ended up going cold turkey quit. Honestly, no changes that I could tell (with the exception of a lowered libido). Just had labs taken with the anticipation of starting TRT again. Here are the results:

TSH 1.89 uIU/mL (0.450-4.500)
T4 10.2 ug/dl (4.5-12.0)
T3 31% (24-39)
Thyroxine 3.2 ? (1.2-4.9)
Test Serum 475 ng.dl (348-1197)
Test Fre 7.46 ng/dl (5.00-12.00)
% Free T 1.57 % (1.50-4.2)
PSA 0.7 ng/ml (0.0-4.0)
IGF-1 170 ng/ml (75-216)
E2 (sensitive) 24.3 pg/ml (8.0-35.0)
Cholesterol 201mg/dl (100-199)

I guess my question is should I start TRT again? My T levels are higher than when I first underwent TRT in 2012. I was hopeful that my libido would increase, my lethargy would go away, and that general aches/pains may lessen. None of that seemed to happen while on TRT before.


Your T and E2 looks pretty good. I wouldn’t start injecting at those levels

Your TSH is better than mine, but you might want to take your termperature in the morning per the thyroid sticky, and supplement iodine if you think you are low.

If libido is low, you may want to get your prolactin tested.

BTW, please post the ranges for your tests.


You can edit your first post and add lab ranges. Look for icon at bottom of that post.


Edited to add units and ranges.

On a side note, I did have Prolactin levels checked somewhat recently (not at the same time as this test). don’t see any units:

Prolactin 6.8 ? (2.6-13.1)


The TRT the Dr had me on (from 2012-Aug 2015) was 100mg Test Cyp 2 times per week and 1/2 of an 0.25 mg Anastrozole 2 times per week. I wonder how much that Anastrozole was messing with my libido. My decreased libido seems to have started about when he added it to control E2. Anyone else have issues with Anastrozole and decreased libido??


You may be an over or under responder to anastrozole, it’s not very uncommon. Did you get labs done when you were on to see your estradiol levels? Low E2 levels sometimes produce even worse sides than high E2. You want your Estradiol to be ideally around 22 pg/ml to not experience any sides. Everything is depending on the individual of course.


My story is a very long one (as I am sure most are). But, the Dr I saw who finally dialed me in to the 100mg Test Cyp 2 times/week had me take a supplement containing Indole 3 Carbinol and DIM. He never did test my Estradiol levels (side note, my libido was great). He was pushing me to have Test pellets and it was not covered by my insurance so I had to find a new Dr.

This new Dr told me to ignore the supplements. After 6-months, he tested my Esdtadiol and it was 114.1pg/ml (with horrible joint pain and no libido). That’s when he put me on Anastrozole. Initially he had me taking 0.5mg every day. Labs at that point were 0.0pg/ml (still a lot of pain and no libido). He wanted me to continue this way. I weaned way back on the Anastrozole to the point I was taking 0.25mg with every injection. Testing indicated 14.6pg/ml (joint pain gone but no libido).

Right about this time we underwent an insurance change and I had to argue for coverage, the Dr took a vacation, and my business picked up…I went cold turkey. I am now ready to undertake this again (so is my wife)…


Please follow these links in the 2nd post of the 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys -post more info about you
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Please post more lab results if available.

Testing PSA suggests that you are not a young guy.


  • self inject 50mg T cyp/eth twice a week, total 100mg/week
  • 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injection
  • 250iu hCG SC EOD to preserve your testes if you care and can get it
    You can inject T with 1/2" 0.5ml [50iu] #29 insulin syringes

Your free T lab range looks odd. Might be age adjusted low.
What lab did the work?

Where are you located?


I am 42. My “backstory” is quite lengthy and last time I listed it all on here I think it was so long that people didn’t respond much. Long story short I had been to SEVERAL doctors over the period of SEVERAL years. My issue is all due to pituitary issues that resulted as a side effect of medical treatment of a different issue.

Lab work was performed by LabCorp. I ordered the Hormone Testing for Men package from Private MD Labs. It does indicate that the results are based on “lean males up to 40 years old”.

I finally went back to my most recent urologist. He is pretty adamant that we no longer use anastrozole and he will NOT allow the use of hCG. So, I am on 100mg Tets Cyp 2x/week and that is it…


You should probably at least give us the TLDR version. Did you have throat cancer and your pituitary and thyroid get fried by radiation treatments?

It’s true, if you put too many details in, it can be hard to tease out what is relevant, but this sounds very relevant.

Sounds like you need to find a new doctor.

Injecting T isn’t going to be fun if you can’t control E2.


I have Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (basically a wart that grows and spreads in my respiratory tract). The treatment was to use massive doses of Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine injected into my vocal cords. The belief from the doctors (Urologist, Family Practice, ENT, and Endocrinologist) is that since Mumps is known to affect the pituitary that this large amount of MMR vaccine may have done the same.

Regardless, the issue has been in remission since 2002 and I have had issues with low-T since then too (though it has taken a LONG time to figure that out).


What makes all this “fun” is that the Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis is believed to be aggravated by high levels of estradiol. The first treatment they had me on was Indole 3 Carbinol.

Since I have not had a good reaction to the Anastrozole, I am debating looking at other ways to control estradiol. One of the first doctors I saw had me take Cruciferous Complete to keep estradiol in check. Not sure if it worked or not (he never tested estrogens).

I seem to recall reading people using Indole 3 Carbinol or DIM to control estradiol?


Finally, none of the 10+ doctors I have seen about my issues feel comfortable using HCG (plus my insurance won’t cover what they consider to be an infertility treatment). From my understanding, HCG is use to improve mood and possibly libido (in addition to preventing testicular atrophy). Are there any supplements that can be used in place of HCG?


If an anastrozole over-responder, you would then try 1/4th the expected dose, or 1/4 mg/week or 1/4th mg twice a week.


How do I do this? When I quarter the pills it just turns to powder. I end up just licking my fingers…and guessing if I took enough or too much.


You can dissolve a 1mg anastrozole tab in 10 ml of vodka. That gives you .1mg in every 1ml.