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New Lab Results

Ok, I’ve seen two doc’s so far. One was useless, this second one, well, we’ll see.

I’ve been on 50mg per day of testim for the last 5 weeks. I see the doc again next wed.
my first lab results were:

Test Serum
188 range 241-827

Free Test
8.7 range 8.7-25.1

4.7 range 1.4-18.1

2.0 range 1.5-9.3

9.2 range 2.1-17.7

This week’s lab results were:

Test Serum
176 range 241-827

Free Test
5.5 range 8.7-25.1


I’ve noticed some morning wood but can’t say there’s been any other changes. Obviously my bloodwork shows this. Am I just someone that doesn’t respond to transdermals?

I know that over time as your body shuts down the numbers can drop but it’s only been a month and I’m worse than before I was put on the testim. Just trying to have as much info as I can when I see the doctor next week. Would like to bring up injectables/hcg/arimidex and see what he says after these test results. what do you think?

Apply the gel 2 hour before the test.
50 mgs is not getting for some people to get results off of and in many can result in lower testosterone levels due to the brain seeing the extra test then responding to shutting down your own production (negative feedback loop). With absoption issue due to low thyroid (myodexema) which your dr has not throughly investigated as most Dr’s have not clue to properly assess thyroid/adrenals (which both cause issues with absorption of tgels).

Again your dr is trying but again does not know about other variables that are in play here. You should address thyroid/adrenals then/and sex hormones (depending on age). I have a number of young guys that were on TRT and are now off since the cause of their problem was identified (food allergies, leaky gut, nutrient imbalances, low thyroid, adrenal imbalance, improper lifestyles). Look for the root cause do not just treat symptoms. People are looking for a quick fix and age plays a huge part in that factor. If guys are over 28 years old they are more likely not to recover and will some combination of hcg/AI/Testosterone/DHEA. Other wise through furher evaluation HRT can be avoided.