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New Lab Results - Need Some Help

Hey guys,

Lab updates, and I can use a little help interpreting. Taking 150 mg test cyp each week. 250 iu of HCG on days 5 and 6 before next injection and 1 mg of anastrazole per week. Trough levels are as follows:

Total Testosterone 1142 (348 to 1197)
Free testosterone 28.1 (6.8 to 21.5)
Estradiol, sensitive 20

Obviously the trough levels are high. Should I just decrease my weekly injection dose and, if so, to what dose? Thanks guys.

Do you feel good at this dose? Are you having major side-effects that would make you want to cut back? If not, it doesn’t matter. You aren’t out of human ranges and if you feel good, great! Are you taking the shot once a week, or twice? Most of us do Monday/Thursday or some variation, just to avoid heavy peaks and valleys. But if once a week has been fine for you, don’t change it.

What I would do is break your AI into more doses than 2 a week. So if you are on 1mg Adex a week try and take it at least 4-7 times a week (make sure your razor is sharp when cutting tabs). This too prevents swings and more naturally imitates what does on “naturally”. HCG should also be 250iu every other day, not twice a week. I can up your T production and if you are doing it the 2 days before the test and no other time you aren’t getting a proper “trough” value as you are giving a little “spike” right before the test and next shot.

But again, if you’re feeling great, no real side effects, then why change anything? Do you want to come down, because I don’t really see a reason to, unless you’re in your 50s and not wanting to have the athletic lifestyle of a 20-or-30something.