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New Kroc Deadlifting Video


Thanks Man. That was sweet!

“How much are you shrugging today?”
Kroc: “Ahh… I didn’t go that heavy today, I think little over 600LBS.”


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That was interesting. Thanks for posting that.

Kroc is the man nuff said

Thanks dood, I was wondering when this was going to air.

Thanks, that one powerlifter I like a lot. This guy is inspiring.

Matt Kroc does calves, yessssssss

I think they are going to put up some more videos with Matt in it

Matt’s pimp as usual.

Matt is awesome, definitely one of my favorite powerlifters. It’s funny that they say those plates are a little heavier, because they look exactly like the ones at my gym and I swear that the plates at my gym are way too heavy. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see where Matt’s numbers go when he moves up to 242.

Cool vid anyone else notice lamb of god at the begining.

Great vid. i like the bit where he says he trains everything but not too much like in bodybuilding yet he does look like a bodybuilder. i think my routine is similar that i train for muscle and strength but does anyone have any ideas what matt’s routine is like?

Here’s his log


He’s in amazing shape!!

I was one of those guys who was afraid he was done after another big injury, glad he showed us all he has bigger balls than I anyway!!

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Here’s his log


he’s doing straight sets!!! MY MIND IS BLOWN! Better not make another thread about ramping on the bb forum =p