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New Kid Rock CD


Is absolutey horrible...i mean he was never one of my FAVORITE artists, but he always put out some solid music...songs like Bawitaba, Bullgod, American Bad Ass, So Hot, Only God Knows Why, etc, etc...He always had some of his slower music which i am fine with, slower songs are great! but this new cd is pure shit...to me its him trying way to hard to be country and he completely abondened all the music that got him to where hes at today...like i said, if the new cd had a few songs like whats on the new cd id be fine with it, but there isnt a single song with a heavy riff, or any sign of rock/metal, its pathetic...thanks kid rock for completely losing your balls and completely selling out....anyway if anyone would like to voice their opinion feel free...im all ears..

only good song is that God Bless Saturday, and even in that song his voice sounds strained, and its a bullshit song that i could have written about how monday-friday sucks, and saturday is great...doesnt take a genius to know that...ok im done with my rant...


No offense man, but did you really start a thread about Kid Rock? That guy has always and will always suck giant rhino balls.


I wouldn't go around admitting I listened to Kid Rock.


My thoughts exactly.

OP, what the hell did you expect when you purchased a Kid Rock cd? That it would be kewl?

That you would not feel overly gay? That your friends and family would not think you were gay? That ghey people would approve your purchase?

Did the fact that the cd was on sale for $3.95, in the bargain bin, not raise questions? Or how about the reaction of the teenager working the register at Best Buy? You know, when he laughed uncontrollably at you for buying the cd? Did that not raise questions in your mind that maybe you should rethink buying this Kid Rock cd?

Don't get mad, OP (brO-P). I'm just asking the tough questions.


He came to my hometown (~ 3 million people) and they had to change the concert venue because he sold so few tickets that it would've been a waste to have it in the sports hall he initially wanted to perform in.


Well, I like Kid Rock, and I think his albums are great. It's just southern rock mostly, and I can dig it. He also puts on a terrific live performance, and he does well in NJ when he plays here.

That being said, I haven't heard the new album but I'm sure it will be good. He's yet to dissapoint me.

And also- Changing his musical direction isn't "Selling out." What the fuck is with people and using this term? You want to go make shitty music, go do it. But just because artists mature and grow up doesn't mean they're "Selling out" you fuckin homos.


Is this a true story? If so, I kinda feel bad for the guy, even though he sucks giant rhino balls like we already discussed.


haha dude some of his shit aint that bad, like i said, im far from his biggest fan but hes got a few good songs, to say ALL his songs blow is a bit much...i mean i wasnt expecting much out of the new cd, but i mean he didnt even have 1 good song on the whole cd!! and i would never get mad about people calling me and gay and stuff over a cd so its all good...i was just surprised about just how shitty every single track was...im still patiently waiting for Trivium to put out a new cd..not sure if any of you picked up the new All That Remains cd, but shit, thats a fuckin awesome cd...


Your right, "selling out" is an overly used term, and i admit it was a poor choice of words on my part haha...but all in all, the cd is just shitty...and i saw him with Skynyrd a year or two, your absolutely right, awesome show, and tons of hot girls!!


Yeah bro, it's a cool and a true story. I heard he was in town but also didn't really consider going, 30 bucks just for 1 good song (American bad ass) was too much IMO.


Kid Rock is terrible.

And so is FightinIrish for liking terrible music.