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New Kenny Powers Commercial



Comedic genius!



"Me and Matt Cassel just fucked you up dawg" lolz


Me n Matt Cassel just fucked you up dog





Love it!




Danny McBride = awesome!


Since I need new shoes soon anyway I guess I'll buy a pair of those.


Made me crack up!


K Swiss uses humorous advertisement. Its super effective!


I like how they've purchased FORM Athletics (Uriah Faber's company) as well. Makes for a great way to further draw in the MMA crowd.


I suddenly want my old K Swiss shoes back


This is funny because I just came from the demotivational poster thread and the latest post is Martin Luther King Jr. and he says I have a dream and it seemed to have called up a Pokemon and the thing said it was "Super effective" and I didn't really know what it meant but guessed it's something about pokemon's fighting....then I came to this thread again and see what you wrote.
If I'd come here first I wouldn't have gotten your refernce! Wow...huh?




^^ It's true!

Also, I checked out the shoes on their website...they're called Tubes because they have weird tubes running across the bottom, so they seem to be one of those newer overly-cushioned shoes. No thanks.