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New Kanye West Song


Kanye West ft. Dwele- Power

Contains a sample of 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson. Play loud, preferably with headphones. The beat's pretty good, and will probably grow on me the way 808s and Ye's stuff on Blueprint 3 did. I'm gonna need a few more listens but so far the lyrics sound more Graduation than College Dropout/Late Registration, which is disappointing but I can deal with that.

Kanye's new album is gonna be called Good Ass Job. He's spent most of his time since Swiftgate in Hawaii recording this record [hence him disappearing after it all], and has been flying a who's who of hip hop back and forth to Hawaii to work on the record. Guys who are supposed to be helping with beats include Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZA, Q-Tip, and DJ Toomp. Though not mentioned specifically, I imagine Ye's frequent collaborators and in house production guys will be on it too-- so that means Jon Brion, Jeff Bhasker, No I.D., Plain Pat, Kid Cudi. It seems like he's working harder on this LP than any of his other ones.


Personal opinion, this is horrible.


Sounds like pretty much all of todays commercial rap: Solid beat, terrible everything else. Kanye West sucks giant rhino balls.


^^ & ^ are right

Korny West hasn't made anything good since Late Registration ... even then College Dropout was waaaaay better

I stopped listening to Korny when I heard the single "Stronger" which I like that song, but it's just another corny ass hip-pop song


Hi, I'm 36, white,and don't know anything about music...but my girlfriend and I go to a bar that I think is up to date with the music ( I seem to hear a lot of stuff by a guy called Flo Rida...as they play the video at the same time, it sounds pretty good and lots of people like to dance to it. There are others too but I forget the names)...and this song sounds a little boring.
The beat that came in at about the 30 second mark was almost exciting.

But what do I know.. I still think this is the height of rap (if that sill exists or is it all Hip Hop now?:


Korny West, I started calling him Connie West after the Swift thing because he always seems to have sand in his vagina.


I love me some good hip hop and even some of kanyes older stuff, but this song isnt worth its own thread...




I just think his style of vocals are simple and not complex enough. His rhythm is stale and very flat. I see nothing new in his work other then some good beats which he didn't make.




You know...I'm a black guy in his 30's who doesn't listen to heavy metal music.


I am just a little perplexed why so many people who apparently know little to nothing of this entire culture or the music feel the need to give their opinions on it constantly.

For instance, I have listened to a few songs from Jet. I think they are very talented but don;t know much about them. You will not see me giving an opinion of Black Sabbath based off of hearing Jet a few times even though they both use guitars.


Uh oh, some people don't like something one black guy does. Watch out, Professor X is about to chastise the hell out of us.


Lol I just couldnt help but respond with that picture Prof, i sorries. I mean if you've heard the gay fish song, and you dont laugh, you're pure evil, simple as that.


This shit again, White Flash?


You decide to make a thread about a new hip hop track and don't choose the new Madvillain? You choose this Kanye bullshit? Fuck outta here mayne.


No, even us evil guys thought that shit was funny.

Mothafuckin' gay fish!!!!



What the fuck are you talking about? I haven't even heard the damn song. I am talking strictly about what I wrote, not whatever bullshit is floating around in your own head.

It is a regular scene on this site for tons of white guys who never listen to the music to criticize it heavily in a negative light. You do not see the same in reverse here.

Why does pointing that out upset you?


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You know you laughed. KANYE SUCKS!!!