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New- Just Saying Hello!


So I'm new to T-Nation and I thought I would introduce myself!
I've been lifting for about a year and am planning on competing (figure) next year. I eat clean 99.8 percent of the time and love every minute of being healthy and fit!

So hello and I hope to gain great information from all you muscle ladies!


Welcome. But how did you determine the .8?



Hi. You may want to check out this site...

Good luck!


Thanks! I just thought the .8 sounded cool! :slight_smile: thanks for the link- looks good!


Hey everyone. My name is Rachel and I have basically just started working out. A friend of mine showed me this web site. I'm not really sure I'll ever be a body builder, but I'm interested in tips for working out, and just keeping trim. I work in a strip club as a bartender, so of course, I am constantly being judged on my body. The problem is, I work really long hours (sometimes 12 hours a day) and have very little time to eat. I end up sleeping all day long, wake up and go right back to work again. I'm hoping to get an earlier shift soon.

Does anyone have any good advice about quick workouts? Also, is there anyway to carry healthy food in a gym bag that I can quickly eat behind the bar? I get sick of the protein bars, and I kind of feel like I'm eating all sugar when I digest the stuff. I've read protein is good to eat, but how can I eat enough when I'm always on my feet? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.