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New - Just a few questions


My name is Eric and im 18. I’m 6 ft tall and wight 210. Alot is fat dough!

I was wondering if any of you had sugestions on losing weight - any would be greatly apreciated.


Before anyone else jumps on you I’m going to suggest that you start reading some of the articles in the FAQ section. Start off with all of John Berardi’s stuff.


The FAQ is badly out of date. I suggest you start with a few different T-mag articles, some of which aren’t in the FAQ yet:

The New Diet Manifesto - issue #271

My Big Fat Training Program Guide, Part I and II - issues 278 and 279

The Essential Berardi - issue #199

Just click the Previous Issues button over on the left and fire up the printer.


Simple, burn more calories than you consume. You will then lose weight.

I said it was simple, not easy.

The first thing you need to do is clean up your diet. Try T-Dawg 2 or “Don’t Diet” its pretty painless. Then you need to figure out how many calories you are consumming by keeping a food log on fitday.com. then you need to get a workout plan ie… “Meltdown” or Ian king Get back in Shape. Once your eating clean and working out regularly you will start to know the joy of caloric deficit.

Zeb, all calories arent created equal. Simply lowering one’s calories alone is by no means going to maximize results in terms of performance and body composition.

He needs the essential Berardi.


As bad as it sounds, when you’re a newbie, just lowering calories will do the trick. Sure, JB’s stuff will help, but it’s not mandatory. He’ll lean out just by eating a little less and exercising more. Sure, it would be nice if he just adopted this lifestyle overnight, but it ain’t going to happen with 99.99% of the population.


Did I state that all calories are equal?
No I didn’t, you need to pay better attention before you comment.

Say Zeb, I want to lose 10 lbs. Should I just eat a little less candy, nachos, mcdonald’s, and such while doing cardio everyday?

I could, but in terms of body composition - which is REALLY what I’d be looking for - it’d be far more effective to make sure:

  1. I take in ~1g protein/lb bodyweight
  2. Carbohydrates are kept low and restricted to morning/postworkout meals
  3. I follow High Octane type protocol rather than doing cardio everyday
  4. I take in healthy fats and emphasize Omega-3 fats from Flax/Fish Oils.

Granted, these arent your basic rules the average individual will adopt overnight. But if your goal is improving your body composition while maintaining as much muscle as possible, simply burning more calories than you take in everyday just isnt going to cut it.

Will it cause weight loss? Yes. Now, the important quesion - will it cause you to loose the RIGHT kind of weight and preserve muscle?


Read fattyerics post again: “I was wondering if any of you had suggestions on losing weight any would be greatly appreciated.”

Burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis will in fact lead to weight loss. Did I state all calories are alike? No.

While I did not get into the particulars regarding which calories would be best consumed, and which would best be avoided, my basic advice is exactly right. Furthermore, it answers his question as it was asked!

Some people need immediate help and do not realize the power of simply pushing themselves away from the dinner table. you can tell a great deal from a question as it is asked. sometimes giving a new person to much information is as bad as not giving them enough.

Besides, I knew there would be plenty of detailed advice for this person. I wanted to let him know the simplicity of his quest.

Once again, you jump to conclusions!

I think we should try to help this guy, not get into an argument and show how we can argue like a bunch of little bitches.

Zeb, please tell me you didnt just recommend skipping dinner as a wise choice to cut calories.

‘More pie!!! More piee, god-damm ittt!!!’ - Mr. Eric Cartman, Eric Cartman Enterprises, CEO.


How you can surmise"skipping dinner" from my post is totally beyond me!

In fact, I stated “push yourself away from the dinner table”. If anything, that implies to not overeating. You have to be at the dinner table before you can push yourself away. Hence, there is no skipping a meal. Do you understand?

America has approximately 64% of its population listed as overweight or obese. It is a good idea to begin any weight loss goal by first checking how many calories you consume.

I wonder what illogical conclusions you will draw from this latest post?