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New Journey Begins

Age 46
Height 6’
waist 38
Body Hair: Get away with a shave every other day.Can grow a mus/beard just takes awhile. little chest/abd hair. Definite male pattern baldness.

Health Recent Physical Complaints, Edema in lower legs and really achy/sore legs in the mornings.No major medical problems ie no heart/lung/liver/diabetes problems.
On no meds either Rx or OTC
Labs will post what I have soon,
Diet Good and Bad to many sweets
Training always very activein , combat sports, and over last 3-4 years power lifting.

Testes have a Varicocele had it my whole life, never knew what it meant till now, I have three kids it was never a problem ( castrated 8 years ago )after a whoops 11 years ago.
Morning wood never have it in the last 6-7 years

Wow am I glad I came here

I was searching for possible help with the soreness and swollen legs, My doctor thinks I have Rhuematoid arthiritis. Going to see a Arthiritis specialist next month. Been reading for several hours now. I am sure I have several days to go.

Fire at will.

Read the advice for new guys sticky

  • check AM and mid afternoon body temperatures
  • describe use history of iodized salt and vitamins that list iodine

Need labs: - WITH RANGES
CBC with hematocrit
PSA for baseline
TSH, fT3, fT4 Please not just T3, T4
AM cortisol
CRP - generalized inflammatory marker
homocycteine - Inflammatory marker specific to the arteries
Fasting glucose
Fasting cholesterol
urine analysis
get tested for Lyme disease

Have you developed a persistent cough?

You might have circulation problems or deep vein thrombosis. That can hurt. Arthritis does not explain generalized swelling. It is possible to have a condition that triggers arthritis and you have to watch for treating the symptom and missing the cause.

blood pressure
pulse rate

Have you travelled to any tropical counties?

How have these changed:

  • sleep
  • ability to stay awake
  • energy
  • libido
  • tolerance or short tempered
  • thirst and urination
  • appetite and cravings
  • muscle cramps
  • brain fog, focus or clarity of mind
  • diet
  • sweating and night sweats
  • snoring [ask your wife]
  • more prone to injury or busing
  • unexplained weight loss
  • rashes or hives
  • guts work the same
  • any new food sensitivities

KS will post tonight as far as the labs I have so far.

No new cough, lungs clear

No recent travel over 4 hours or out of country.

Had a ultrasound of right leg yesterday, went to walkin for right calve pain, the PA on duty sent me to Hosp. for ultrasound to R/O DVT , end result of muscle strain. This is from overdoing it in the last week, did a 5 mile run , 1st in a long time, on monday.

Sleep is good try to get 8 hrs, no problem falling to sleep.
No problems staying awake
Energy Soso, not like I had 10 years ago for sure.
Libido good No ED
Noted short temper worse over last 5 years really working on it.
No change in appetite or thrist
Cramps (Worse cramps of my life all last summer, couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on even saw my doctor about it she said drink more water, which was not possible)
Clarity of mind good no changes
Diet better than it has ever been
Night sweats occasionally during summer after hard physical day at work.
Snoring yes that is part of the reason to loose some weight
No increase in injuries or bruises
No weight loss or hives/rashes
Guts same normal
No food sensitivity.

I will be doing a lot of reading and will post labs that I have tonight.
Pulse usually around 60 can be in 50’s not uncommon.
BP Sys 110-126 and Dia around 60
I don’t take Vitamins, just try to eat a lot of fruit and veggies
Might use table salt once a day at the worst. Will cut out entirely as of today.

Thanks Mike

“Might use table salt once a day at the worst. Will cut out entirely as of today.”
If you are not using iodized salt, iodine deficiency is expected.

  • check AM and mid afternoon body temperatures
  • possible subclinical hypothyroidism, temps tell all

I talked to a pathologist this afternoon about your symptoms. He confirmed that inflammation from a different cause can lead to immune response issues that could lead to your swelling and pain. But your details were sparse.

Take some things that are anti-inflammatory:

  • anti oxidants
  • fish oil

These are some of the labs drawn on jan this year. I am missing some, will get those later this week.

TSH 1.24 .25-5.00
A/G ratio

A/G ratio 1.6 .06-2.2
Albumin 5.0 3.5-5.2
Alk Phos 60 32-121
ALT (SGPT) 63 H 10-40
AST(SGOT) 39 H 5-34
BUN 15.2 6-20

CALCIUM 9.4________8.4-10.4
Carbon dioxide_________26.9
> 60
Total Bilirubin
Total Protein__________8.1_________6.4-8.3

Mixed %_________7.7______________1.9-24.6

HDL risk________5.1______________4.2-7.0
LDL calculated__153______________0-160

More to follow when I get them from my Dr.

AM Temp 97.8 oral

Just going to track edema with temp
AM edema in right leg only pitting from 3/4 calf to about 3" above ankle.
left leg has no edema at all.