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New Joe Averge Strength Video


He's back, and worse than average. Fantastic logic, enjoy...


HAHAHA oh I get, Texas produces so many football players because they train in gear...of course!


Same guy...

What the hell? I'll admit I'm pretty new to powerlifting, but this doesn't look like it makes any sense. I can't see much carry over from this to an actual bench press.


I can see plenty of carryover to the bro-bench. Notice especially the hip drive, essential for the proper execution of this complex movement.


Did he say that kid squatted 520 for reps? i know you don't have to be very big to be strong but really?????


epic lols
Part 2!!!!


I lifted THSPA for four years in high school. You can look up their meet records online anywhere from a local meet to a state meet based upon district and weight classes. There is no kid the size and look of any of these squatting anywhere near that (520x10). I squatted 450 in the 165lb weight class in 2003 with a z-suit and crappy wraps and that was one of the top in the district. The record is a 600lb squat so there are some strong kids but they look nothing like these. Also, I know high school vs collegiate or open weightlifting standards are WAY different. Lots of high squats pass easy in local high school meets. Anyways I would love to see a video of this 520x10 with no bands or coaches spotting right behind the athlete. To let you all know, not every Texas high school powerlifting coach is like this one.


i think he said he's in Pennsylvania.


This man has to be one of the dumbest, most ignorant people to ever exploit his lifting "knowledge" on other people. Its terribly sad that he is able to influence high school age kids.


Damn yankee.


Having watched his other videos, the 520x10 was probably with the safety squat bar, with the hands on the uprights, with a suit and wraps, going down to well above parallel. It is basically a glorified leg press that makes the dude think he is the god of powerlifting coaches.

If the program was working and making the kids incredibly strong then they would be able to display that strength doing the power lifts raw. Watching their raw videos, that is obviously not the case. 135x10 is a very average bench for freshman and sophomores that lift a couple of times a week for a few months.


These lifts are the result of two years of lifting I believe he said?


I was told that holding on to the rack while using the SSB is a great way to dislocate your shoulders. I couldn't watch the videos with the sound on.... poor mislead kids.




Seriously? These kids are getting fucked. Instead of learning the great sport of powerlifting, they are being misled and are runnin the risk of serious injury all because a dipshit cant accept that he has no clue how to coach powerlifting.

That was painful, especially that first really tall kid.


Looks like his "520x10" squatter barely managed a high 405 in gear, so my guess would be that weight includes band tension, full gear, hands on the rack, and half-squats at best.


None of these kids would have made the sophomore football team at my high school, and we weren't even very good.


Correct, and I think he's either full if crap, delusional or both. He's not taken very seriously.


I commented on his video and he said Muscular Development interviewed him. And he said my DL sucked.


I would say so what , you're still ridiculous.