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New Job = Training Issues?

So i’ve gotten a new job at a grocery store, and basically for the 6-8 hours im there im on my feet the whole time except for my one 30 min lunch and 10 break. I pull heavy as carts while walking backwards, stack cans on the bottom shelf for long periods of time in an A2G squat position the whole time.

on top of this is i have school 8 hours a day, so i have to workout right after work to be able to get any reasonable amount of sleep. The issue is my legs are really fatigued afterwards, and it affects my leg workouts. im doing an upper-lower split right now, with 2 leg workouts a week.

should i tone it down to one a week? or am i just being a bitch, and just need to get over it?

Have you considered training in the morning before school? Not working out at night should allow you to get in the bed earlier giving you the same amount of sleep. But now you will be hitting your workout after a full nights rest and recovery…instead of after a day of school and physical work.

well i could try that. what would you suggest i workout pre-workout? and i thought it was written somewhere in an article recently you shuldnt workout the 1st 2 hours of working out, becasue your CNS isnt even close enough to being ‘awake’

Who works 8 hours a day in addition to going to school 8 hours a day? No college / professional school has that much class per day - are you in high school still or something?

How many days a week do you work? I doubt it’s 7 days a week - and even if it is, you don’t have school 7 days a week.

Do your heaviest leg session on Saturday or Sunday when you have plenty of time to rest.

Other than that, make sure you up your calories a good bit to make up for your increase in work load, and give your body a few weeks to adjust.

Based on your situation I’d drop to one leg workout a week on a day when you don’t have both school and work. Replace the other leg day with an upper body workout.

When your on break from school go back to your upper/lower split.

To challer1, yes im still in high school. but i take all college classes, which comes out to mean alot of homework. i usually get maybe 1, sometimes 2 days off a week, but often times with school i have to use those days for another commitment and just workout after i clock out from work.

to ACTrain, so are you suggesting 3 upper body days, and one leg?

[quote]Spidey22 wrote:
to ACTrain, so are you suggesting 3 upper body days, and one leg?[/quote]

Yes. Here are a few examples.

bodypart split:
Day 1: Chest/Biceps
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders
Day 4: Back/Triceps

A hybrid
Day 1: Upper Body
Day 2: Lower Body
Day 3: Chest/Back
Day 4: Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps

A specialization routine (using shoulders as an example)
Day 1: Shoulders
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders
Day 4: Upper Body (everything but shoulders)

fuck man, i won’t see actrain post for a while and then he shows up and his avatar is like BAM! motha fucka in YO FACE!

i would advise against lifting early in the morning. you spine is still filled with fluid and you can injure yourself a lot easier

Its been suggested before but i would go for the weekends and use them to do your heavy leg work

an example using WS4SB would be:

Monday: ME UPPER
Tuesday: DE lower <-- quick and painless
Thursday: RE Upper
Saturday: ME lower

i choose to do the ME lower on saturday close to the ME upper but before because its the only way you can get pretty fresh legs to the session.

but if you wont you can switch ME upper and RE upper