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New Job,Advice.

Well I got a job at a lumber yard. 10 hour shifts with only a few breaks. Today was my first day and my knees and hips started to ache after about 5 hours. I’m taking ibuprofen obviously but what else could I take to help my joints. I know people will say Flameout but what are some other ‘cheaper’ products that can help me out?


glucosamine is supposed to help joint support…never had a problem where i needed to try it, so i couldnt tell you how well it works

I personally am not a big fan of glucosamine. Joint aches can be helped by by omega 3 type products like Flameout. If you can’t get yourself high quality Flameout you can get fish oil capsules or cod liver oil at your local grocery store.

Joint aches can also be a signal you are putting too much “torque force” into one joint (i.e. the knee). You should look into “3D” type training (sometimes called GPP), to develop proper joint movement pattern. Lucky for you, you have free info from authors like Eric Cressey and Mike Roberts. Research my friend.


Keep the muscles from tightening and shortening.

Nothing abuses joint surface like being too tight in all the wrong places.

Get some good shoes/boots with insoles. From your feet up, you will feel better. Also on your breaks stretch or lay down, the laying down sounds strange but it does work.