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New Jersey TRT Doc


Anyone have success with a New Jersey Doc/Endo/Uro who treats Low Test and is open to T+hCG+AI protocol? You can PM me if you have any recommendations.

I've been to 3 different doctors and none will acknowledge my low Test (310 ng/dL).

Called local compounding pharmacies and they gave me names but I have no way of knowing if these will be open to the T+hCG+AI protocol. I plan on seeing one in a few weeks but this has been a frustrating experience so far.


Are you in Northern or Central or Southern NJ?

Manhattan has Dr. Natan Bar Chama.


Discuss with office managers of the RIGHT doctors. The office managers for my doc are really on the ball and know about all the meds. There's nothing wrong with asking, "Does this doc deal with a lot of cases of hypogonadism, ED, and infertility?" That's what I did.

Most top notch andrologists (urologists with fellowships in andrology) don't do that protocol you speak of though. Mine doesn't, and I've had success with him for nine years. Two other posters here go to him now and feel good. One is actually doing great!


I'm in Central NJ but willing to travel to find a good one. When you say office manager, do you mean the people who answer the phone for the Doctor's office?


Dr. James Goodnight NJ. I'm not joking about the name. It's for real. I visited him once before for consult but never retained him as my physician.

Hope this is of help.


Thanks for the recommendation Brick.




I work with Dr Overbeck out side philadelphia specializing in HRT and chronic fatigue. We also take some insurances as well.


Not all the people who answer the phone are up to date with stuff. Ask the office manager, the person in charge of the secretaries. You can also ask to speak to a nurse. Or just ask for the doctor if he's free to talk for a minute or two. There's nothing wrong with saying, "I got a problem. Do you deal with this? What kind of meds do you use to treat this? I'm concerned."