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New James Bond

The James Bond movies have been…yawn, boring that last few yrs. They got a new Bond, not sure who it is, but it’s gonna be a big Y A W N once again.

Here’s my pick for a new Bond:

LL Cool J!! Why not!? The guy is a super cool badass all the way. Anyways, that would be pick.

How about the rest of you?? Who would you pick to be the new James Bond?

Umm, how about Daniel Craig?

The teaser and some footage available on the net looked pretty action packed. Also looks like the official site will go live in 1 hour and 55 minutes after posting this

I dont understand your post.

There alreay is a new Bond. Daniel Craig.

The film will be released in Nov. 06.

You missed the “Who should be James Bond” thread/discussions by about a year.

And LL Cool???

Now that would be a Y-A-W-N.

Anyway, heres a trailer for you.
Looks cool to me. Its a Jeams Bond movie man, what do you want?


Daniel Craig = Y A W N


Here’s my pick for a new Bond:

LL Cool J!! Why not!? The guy is a super cool badass all the way. [/quote]

I hope Sean Connery slaps you.

I think both of the XXX movies already showed what happens when a “Super cool badass” acts like some sort-of special agent


I would like to see Burt Reynolds or Sylvester Stallone.

On a side note, I get really turned on by Jamie Pressley.

Burt Reynolds? Sly? LL Cool J? What the hell?

Give those guys some action flick and that’s fine, I’ll probably watch it and like it…but the Bond legacy would be severely tarnished if guys like that played 007.

Jason Statham would maka a better Bond.

It is too bad Fred Rogers is no longer around, he would be a fine candidate for Bond.

Keith Richards.

How about Shaq? Is there a bigger badass out there? I think not! Though his performance in Kazaam was a little subpar.

Mr. T. lol

Why not ll Cool J???

Because he’s not British dickhead!!

(And before you start,I know Peirce Brosnan was Irish,but he could believably act the role)

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
Jason Statham would maka a better Bond.[/quote]

I was gonna post this, then I thought to myself, “Self, Jason Statham would make such an excellent Bond, would take the series in such a new direction, that surely someone else hath posted this.”

Daniel Craig = Y A W N[/quote]

Craig looks like a KGB agent.

[quote]MattFarlick wrote:

On a side note, I get really turned on by Jamie Pressley. [/quote]

Amen brother.

Alexander Siddig. And Avery Brooks as the baddie. And Nana Visitor as the bond girl etc, etc.

As a huge James bond geek, I am sad to see Pierce brosnan go. He was a great choice for bond, and IMO should continue being bond. Its too bad that the damn writers and producers keep trying to make a “new” bond safe for all ages and sexes.

An American as Bond? Pah…

Can we not be allowed to have ONE action hero to call our own? You’ve guys have got like thousands!

(Jason Stratham is coming on well but he’s hardly a household name yet.)

Bond is BRITISH! Even if the films are made with US money and cars are all German and no doubt Q now gets all his gadgets sourced from Korea.

Oh, and the Vodka for his martinis is Russian.

BTW Not sure about Craig as Bond but he was excellent in Munich. Agree that every Bond film since Goldeneye has been dogshit and just a flagrant excuse for product placement at the expense of any entertainment.