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New James Bond Guy - Not Too Shabby


Here he is, Daniel Craig, in the set of the new Bond flick. This guy is jacked by hollywood standards.

I remember everyone bitching about superheroes being scrawny fake actors who have no business playing superheroes.

This guy is far and beyond the best built bond in history. Much more built than those before him..


Still skinny though. If you're "much more built" than a 7 year old girl, would you brag? Don't expect hollywood to get any better at this kinda thing.


Yes, I do hope he brings Bond back to the Sean Connery days and we all forget about the Pierce Brosnan days.


Indeed great-looking guy, for hollywood standards.
We must remember, this is without make-up, which usually adds some pounds/cuts to actors.(see the white guy from Blade : Trinity, etc.)
Also, this man has arms, for a change, which can't be said from Wolverine or most other actors who went for quick bulk.
Brosnan was at his heaviest in Die Another Day, I believe around 200lbs. He still didn't appear very big though.
I am seriously looking forward to this picture. While everyone seems to be against Daniel Craig, I'm thinking he'll do a great job, considering how he usually deals with his roles, especially the ones that receive a lot of opposition.


sean connery was a bodybuilder way back before he got rich as shit.

and he was still the best bond. james bond.


I must be The Hulk by Hollywood standards.


Professor smash?


You have to say it with a deeper voice, growl a little, and then stomp your feet a few times. I go for the full effect.


James Bond movies still make money?


More important than him being 'ripped' is the fact that he is a full on badass. he never plays weedy characters. he was also awesome in munich.

i reckon he will be one of the best bonds.


Well there does seem to be an unspoken rule around here : Dont make the Prof angry!!


No, the unspoken rule is that Prof x must bitch about things he obviously doesn't understand.

Acting ability does not lay in the muscles, and a smooth, tuxedo-wearing, gun totin spy is not supposed to look like the hulk.

Tell me Prof, do you get laid a lot in real life with the "Laides, I think you should bulk" attitude?


Tell me, Classy... have you ever posted something on here worthwhile? Or do you just stalk the Prof?


Who the hell said that Bond must be jacked?

He's the archetype of a smart hero, who's personality is his greatest asset.
A guy with more muscles than Mr. Craig would be fairly improper, a bodybuilder type would be ridiculous.

For a flic like "Doom", a massive guy is great, but 200lbs are more than enough for 007.

a person who writes this is either
b)a fatass
c)14 years old


You are one dumbass little cunt. No one wrote in this thread that James Bond needs to be extremely muscular. I made a comment about a specific comment made and here you come running your mouth showing exactly what kind of an idiot you are.

I think I do well above average with women. Are there any other specifics you are dying to know about my sex life? What the fuck is a "laides"?


Uh, yea. Die Another Day, to the tune of $160 million. The highest grossing Bond movie and #120 highest grossing movie of all time.
James Bond ISN'T a bodybuilder. He's a spy. Who said spys need to look like Ahhhhnold?

Plus, even Ian Fleming said Pierce Brosnan was the closest Bond to the actual character he created.


I agree with him as far as Brosnan in that role. I just think the writers and directors they were choosing were beginning to suck. That last movie was horrible. It will pull in money simply because of the franchise. That doesn't mean all of the movies were good.


Yeah. Bond movies were way too much about the action, and were losing more and more of the subtle plots that made the novels and early movies great.
I absolutely loved Goldeneye, but more as an action movie than as a Bond movie.

Now that quote you have to show.
Most of what I encounter about the "true" Bond actor said it was Timothy Dalton, who was the more cold, calculated but witty man that Bond really was according to Ian Fleming.


A "laides" is a mistype. You still got the meaning, though. Very perceptive.

Get as worked up as you want, fatso (20 inch arms at 280 pounds? good god), the fact of the matter is some of you folks simply can't come to terms with the fact that, for certain roles, very muscular isn't the key.

The thread was started by someone saying that Craig is the most muscular Bond to date, by far. He is. The bandwagon followed with accusations of him being barely more muscular than a 6 year old girl, and thus, unfit for the role.

You drive the bandwagon, you take the heat.


Bond was based on the life of Flemming himself.

Flemming went to eton, sandhurst, became a naval officer and was eventually a spy. He led a life full of women and over indulgence. He wrote the books from his house in Jamaica called 'Goldeneye'.

Bond, and Flemming himself, may not have had 17" guns or been able to deadlift 3xBW but they are definately T-men.