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New Issue

Ok, um…

When I read the headline “ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END” an a shattered T-Nation homepage, I almost vomitted in fear that this place was shutting down.

I read the article with the anticipation comparable to what one may experience on prom night (though this time I wasn’t as disappointed.)

TC’s article mentioned nothing of the demise of T Nation, thank God…

…at least, not in the literal sense.

So, I guess what I’m getting at…


runs out to stock up on water, guns, Surge, Grow, and naked ladies

I know! Tell me about it!

I now have to change my pants and slow down my heart…

Taking that caffeine pill 20 min. ago and then seeing that image just wasn’t a good plan…:slight_smile:

that intro had me laughing, especially this:

“lets hope there’s a section where readers can affix a sticker to a picture of a pair of testacles”

hahah ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I thought it was a great article, I just kept expecting to read…

…“and thus, we must say goodbye.”

Or something to that effect.

I’m still pretty freaked out with that banner in the top left…

Yeah that wasnt funny at all,

TC, please, NEVER, EVER do something like that again, its just plain cruelty.
I cried.

I bet Chinadoll is gonna be receiving several T-men at the ER this night for having a heart attack after reading that.

This week’s AD was funny as hell. I really want to know what’s up with the cracked homepage though…and with Chris Shugart’s “hype” post. I was definately a little worried I might see something like t-nation shutting down and then I’d have to take a week off to save every article on the site

Holy SHIT!!! Yeah, I too saw the front page and almost had a heart attack at 19…G damn guys… Don’t scare us like that!!!

I was wondering, wat if they were discontinuing hot rox or grow or something, it would suck, but better than t-mag shutting down. If t-mag shut down, i would go from a skinny bastard, to a really freakin skinny bastard

Yeah, I was freaking out when I saw the home page.

I have a feeling the “good thing” could be the end of the low price supplements. No way Biotest can keep selling things that cheaply and make a profit off of it.

But, hopefully I’m wrong and everything here (on the site) will stay put and the supplement prices will stay low, and that “All good things must come to an end” is just marketing for a new supplement Biotest and T-Mag is getting ready to drop on us.

I dunno…

…I hate even thinking about it. I HOPE its just some sort of way to introduce a new product…

…but the way its being laid out, seems something more along the lines of a Big-Bang finale type event.

My worst fear is that this is in preperation for the shutdown of Biotest. Assuming the worst, I have imagined a scenario of Biotest coming out and saying “Hey, its been a good run but we are pursuing other interests now. We’re gonna give our loyal T-Nation members a 90% off deal on all our remaining products in an closeout event. Once sold, Biotest supps are done, and the magazine is too. The old issues will stay online for an info source, but no new articles. Adios!”

As sweet as getting a super deal on supps is, I would much rather see this amazing site, with its wealth of info, and this awesome company prosper for many years to come than getting a one time good deal on supplements.

…but, hopefully I’m just overreacting.

Always assume the worst, right? RIGHT?!=P

add me to the list of scared mother fuckers. please say you’ll be here till we’re all to old to squat.

I just stared at the opening page for two minutes trying to process what I was seeing. Freaked me out.

I smell a site redesign and maybe the start of things they’ve been talking about for a while, like the T-jack forum. Hopefully that’s correct. But “all good things must come to an end”? I don’t know.

I have to say I think those are the best additions I have read on here… i am quick to always joke around and act stupid… but I know when I see something good… good job!

I believe they have mentioned updating the site. Maybe they are having a complete makeover. Maybe they hired some gay guys to spruce things up.

I really don’t think they would spend the money creating the cover ad to say goodbye. Also you can see the T-Nation symbol breaking apart the old Testosterone symbol. I just believe they are trying to evolve.

They could also have decided to take all supplements out of the hands of dealers, and sell them all at rock bottom prices. (I hope.)

They could also offer free porn, and TC and Suggart have to deliver all supplements by hand.

For a minute I was thinking the end of it all. With all the “super deals” on the supps, I thought they were just blowing everything out so they could close the doors sooner. However, they are hyping new supps, such as alpha male, so I can’t see their demise happening. My guesses:

  1. Perhaps the end of the site - maybe they will become a more “conventional” supplement company and just sell product and have a basic site to hype their products

  2. Maybe they won’t be a free site anymore. So many websites are changing and becoming pay-for-information sites. Perhaps a monthly charge?

  3. Maybe they will kill the online mag and create a print-only mag. (Lets just hope they don’t follow the path of MM2K!!!)

  4. The end of Tribex. With Alpha Male coming out, maybe one of the longest running and successful supplements will be retired.

Those are my guesses…time will tell!