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New Issue?

Where’s the new issue at, guys? I’m sitting here in eager anticipation :).

Yeah man,

Sometimes it is up by 5:00pm (Eastern) and sometimes, like tonight, it still hasn’t come up (8:50pm)

Dammit :slight_smile:

I guess Shugs must have brought in more than the usually case of beer Friday afternoon. Maybe they’re all busy with the strippers or something.

Case hell!! I bet they rented out the whole damned brewery!



“Honey, dammit, we’re waiting for you to go out to dinner-we’re 15 minutes late already!”
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GUYS, I may miss out on the Mag10!!!

Someone probably didnt get an article submitted in time and is finishing it up or something. damn writers!

Patience guys they’ll have it up in a minute.

i been hitting refresh 1 million times :slight_smile:

Wow, Tim Patterson’s on the forum right now… Something should happen within the next couple minutes I hope. :slight_smile: