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New Issue!

I don’t know what T-mag has in store for us with this new forum, but I do have a suggestion on how to cut down on the “newbie posts.” I actually suggested this a while ago in a thread that is months passed by now.

Many other sites require a login and password for every user. Obviously, you have to register with the forum/site first. My specific example comes from a website that I frequent to find new bands and such. Well anyway, once registered, a user is not allowed to make new posts initially. They are required to read a number of posts before they have permission to reply. After they have made a number of replies then they are permitted to start a new thread. Also, time restrictions my be imposed as well. For example, a new user must read a certain number of posts AND have been registered for 2 weeks before they may reply, and so on.

Again, I don’t know what the new forum is capable of, but I know from first hand experience that this sort of programming is not that difficult to implement and obviously the code already exists.