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In this week’s T-mag:

Now That’s a Problem!
by TC

Pendulum Training
by Christian Thibaudeau

Defeating Dietary Displacement
by John M. Berardin

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CT rules.

Love the Pendulum Training article.

Sounds like the perfect way to “box up” everything I wanted to fit into my training.

Second Ryno’s thoughts…CT does rule.

JB, love to have coffee sometime. ;o)
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

ct I know that is an old article but I think it is probably the best non-training article I have read on this site. I agree with every word. People need to stop being such crying little sissys, start carring more about each other instead of their own over indulged lifes.

Congrats to TC for expressing what a lot of us think but don’t bother saying… there’s too much bitching/whinging going on in the world - get over it & use the energy for something more constructive - like building abs of steel!

JB, never much liked coffee anyway… but I’ll take the hottie on the side - now there’s my treat for the week…! hehehe…

you mean TC, and i agree.

Yup. That article by CT whooped ass. I’m planning out my whole training centered around it! Yay! :wink: