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New Issue Up!

In this week’s issue:

Queer Eye for the Extinct Guy
by TC

Texas T
by Chris Shugart

Intolerable Part II
by Lonnie Lowery

Ghost Dog

Beat Our Caption

News and Reader Mail

Good issue, as always. Enjoyed the Waterbury report and would love to see more of that kind of article.

I concur.

That waterbury report was very cool, it’s always a good read when you guys go meet someplace and bring along some brains with you.

Just to give the Waterbury article a hat trick: I think it was pretty cool.
It’s always iteresting to see the guy behind all of the articles.
From reading the “next big three” or “anti body building hypertrophy” I never would have guessed Waterbury would have looked and acted like he does.

See the post by Shugs in the Dog Pound. Looks like Waterbury will be playing a bigger role at T-mag in the future. He’s getting his own question and answer column and has an interview coming up. Good news I’d say! Can’t wait!

Oh, and if you like that behind-the-scenes-with-a-stength-coach type of article, TC did one too called “Tuesdays with Davies”. It was an Atomic Dog I think.

Do one with Thibaudeau next, T-mag!