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Dietary Malfeasance by TC

Iron Dog
by Don Alessi

Intolerable by Lonnie Lowery

The MacGyver Workout
by Christian Thibaudeau

The T-Vixen Roundtable, Part II
moderated by Chris Shugart

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I still have a bone to pick with Alessi’s recommendations on low carbing for strength and mass gain. I personally have tried many variations of his plans and have gotten smaller and weaker. The bonus though is that I discovered how important carbs are for me. After reintroducing significantly more carbs into my diet, I gained back all my size and strength quickly. Yay for carbs.

Macaija–I am of the firm belief that no matter if 99% of people respond one way, that means there is still a one percent that will take the parallax response.
How the body works at different carb levels is one of those instances.
But I agree with you to an extent, Alessi is recommending for mass gain the same amount of carbs recommended for fat loss in T-dawg 2.

Excellent articles by Lonnie, Christian, Aleesi, and (of course) TC.

This issue was great.

What can I say besides another Choice, Grade A, Prime Select issue.
My only problem is that the issues are like a high dose of carbs. I dive into them and the rush is over in mere minutes and I am left yearning for my next fix all week. This can be good though makes me read over them again and have time to reflect on them, form opinions, and actually retain some of the info.

In relation to the fella who described his personal-training-test adventure (readers letters) - I have studied for “Government approved” personal training certification on two seperate occasions.

The first time I did the course, I was astounded at the amount of horseshit that these so-called experts were allowed to deal out. Imagine letting an aerobics instructor lecture the class on the virilising effects of steroids on women…?? Suffice to say, she knew only enough to warn us that “steroids are bad…mmmkay…?” It was after this little experience that I became a little underwhelmed with the whole industry, and let my certification slide.

A couple of years later, though, I again got the bug up my ass, and decided to sit the test, get certified and then train people the way I wanted. So,without a minutes worth of study, I passed with flying colours the same test I sat for two years earlier.

Lucky for me there were no advances in training techniques or nutrition in those two years, eh…?

Thanks Christian,

 Great Article!! It couldn't have come at a better time.I'll be out of town next week with no access to a gym near by...

Christian, I have to agree; you’ve taken a subject that’s been done before (on T-mag and other places) and breathed new life into it. Very good article.

interesting theory by alessi. does anyone have any suggestion on the calorie breakdown of fat/protein? is it still a gr./lb. for protein and the rest fat? body wt x 25 seems high doesn’t it?