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New Issue Up!


New Issue Up!

In this week's issue of T-mag:

To All The Girls I've Loved Before
by TC

Bear Season by Coach John Davies

If They Had The Balls by TC

Militant Hypertrophy by Marc McDougal

The T-Vixen Roundtable by Chris Shugart

News and Reader Mail

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Kudos for using the word pusillanimous in this week's issue. Polysyllabic words alone set t-mag apart from all other fitness mags.
Another great article by Davies, it reminds me of the way I normally excerice since I still don't have a squat rack.


I have to give mad props to Marc on his article. He presented some really outstanding and valuable (especially the postural evaluations) info that can help a lot of people. Great stuff, Marc!


Congrats to Marc McDougal for his first published T-Mag article :slight_smile:


Re: TC's article

I'm in love with Hilary Duff. Three more years, baby. She's mine.


NeilG's whiney letter was the highlight of the week.


CMC your a sick bastard! Oh yeah I agree with you 100%. :wink:


awesome issue...great opening by tc..a money article which i will be using to fix some posture problems...and of course the funniest reader mail ever courtesy of Neil G.....hahahha...that made my day


The article by Marc was excellent. Great writing style and great information. Thanks Marc!


The Bear rocked me!

I've been seriously working out for about 3 weeks and have been working really hard on full body muscle growth.

I'm 6'5" so I figure the bar is about 8' off the ground at the top and I insist on ass to grass squats so bar is ~3' at bottom.

5 feet of travel 3+ times a REP for 2 sets of 10 @ 45lbs (empty bar) and one set of 6 @ 55lbs (just to make sure I'm Jello) makes one tired newb!

Thanks for the heads up on a terific exercise!



Thanks for the love folks, glad you liked the article.

Cass, nice work on your piece as well. I admire your ability to continuously incorporate sex into seemingly unrelated topics.


Thanks too Marc,

Like I said, constantly thinking and desiring sex is just one of the added benefits of weight training!


Definitely. Bitchin' article, Marc. Thanks.


Is there anything wrong with liver or shellfish?



I have to join in as well.
Marc's article was certainly an interesting read, and I can't wait to give the bear a try - although I rather suspect to be humbled.

I also liked how NeilG's letter showed that he still has no clue about what all the criticism was about.

A great great issue.