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Guest Atomic Dog: Set Yourself on Fire, by Chris Shugart

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Follow the White Rabbit Part II, by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

Arnold Classic Report, by John Koenig

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Excellent piece by John Koenig on Arnold Class and Expo. He really caught the rock concert/freak show feel of it. I witnessed Ronnie Coleman limply badly into the expo hall on Saturday afternoon to do his Weider autograph session and after reading about his leg workout Friday night, I realize why he was in that condition. Biggest disappointment of the weekend: No Biotest booth!

chris that trip to mexico must have put some spring back into your step.you wrote a damn good motovational piece.like the fuel of anger bit, it really works does’nt it.i almost cried because you put so much emotion in it but i laughed my ass or ass’off instead.good job man.

Thanks, He-Man, glad you enjoyed it.

Mexico? Must have me mixed up with someone else. I haven’t been since I did the HBO thing last year.

Hey for the beat our caption, do we just e-mail to you?

Yes, King, just send them to TC at tc@t-mag.com.