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New Issue Up!

In this week’s issue:

Iron Dog by Don Alessi - The best triceps exercises for your frame, how to train your kids, the secrets of regional fat storage.

Cy-Borg by Cy Willson - Drug and nutrition info from the dark side!

Experiments v. Experience #4 with Dr. Lonnie Lowery - Protein Supplements v. Meat (An audio feature! You can “read” it while doing push-ups!)

Steroid Manifesto, Part 1 by John M. Berardi and Kris Aiken - What you DON’T know about steroids!

Guest Atomic Dog - What They’re Really Saying by Chris Shugart

Reader Mail! - Training tips, dieting tips, cunnilingus tips and more!

Click me. Oooh yeah, right there…

“What They’re Really Saying” is probably the best thing I’ve read at T-mag since I’ve been here! (Of course, I’m not downplaying the loads of great training/dieting advice you guys regularly put out). I had a really shitty day and reading that was just what I needed. Thanks for the laughs, Shugs!!

Ditto! That one cut to the bone!

Just wanted to say

Yo, 'sup with my peeps and playas?!

(Someone had to say it.)

two steroid articles in one issue? shit, i must be dreamin!!

Always look forward to the new issue. However, when are you guys going to give us a bit more info on those new Biotest supplements? I saw an ad for MDX last week. Just give us a sentence or two! It’s a given I’ll buy a couple bottles regardless.

The next installment of the Steroid Manifesto is something that I defininitely look forward to. Since “real” juice is out of the question for me though, I would LOVE to see a Pro-Hormone Manifesto. Any chance of it?

I loved Alessi’s article, it really explained alot. I was wondering about the part explaining fat storage and hormones responsible, how does someone explain fat being deposited in the glutes for men? Any info would be greatly appreciated

Dude, the cunnilingus thing… had to be a troll.

Patricia looks good in comic book form.

3xKrazy: It’s more like a nightmare.

I second the prohormone manifesto idea.


If you haven’t yet dogchild, read the two “steroid” articles. Cy’s has a lot of good nutrition info in it and Berardi’s isn’t what you’d expect from a “steroid” article. Great issue overall.