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New Issue Up!

(Whoops, I forgot to do this Friday.)

New Issue Up!

Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program by Chad Waterbury: Break all the rules and get big!

Senior T-man - Training for Gaining Phase 2 by Arley Vest: Hardcore “old school” training!

High-Octane Cardio by Mike Mahler: Cardio for real men! (And a few women.)

Alternative Pharmacist by Doug Kalman: Cutting edge supplement and drug info you won’t read anywhere else!

Ghost Dawg: This poltergeist haunts other bodybuilding mags! Run to the light, Mr. Blechman, Mommy’s in the light!

Legal Love by TC

A fresh batch of Reader Mail!

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I’d like to mention here that I am really enjoying the Senior T-man series. And, at 30, I’m not all that old, either! It’s a great well-rounded program based on the fundamentals. I’ve been using Senior T-man along with the book Strength Training Anatomy to devise alternate versions of the same exercises to keep things interesting.

I agree. Senior T-man is good for anyone! Just good, basic, no frills bodybuilding.

I really liked the HOC article by Mike Mahler! Great stuff Mike :slight_smile: