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This week at T-mag:

Bench Press Battlefield by Christian Thibaudeau

War Horse Workout by Coach Davies

The T-Dawg Diet Version 2.0 by Chris Shugart and TC

Atomic Dog: 42 Things T-men Should Be Excited About by TC

Ditch the Leftovers By Lonnie Lowery

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In other words, more info in one week than 3 monthly bodybuilding mags put together! Click Me Baby!


I already read T-Dawg Diet Version 2.0. Very good! :) I liked it a lot except that your calorie calculation didn't say anything about whether or not bodyweightX15 is acceptable for T-vixen or not. A minor thing, but overall, it's a significant improvement to the original diet article. I also liked DITCH THE LEFT OVERS. Now I have to read the rest of the articles.

Stella, I have no hard and fast rules for females in that regard, but caloric intake is usually less than males. As I said in the article, there is such a variance among individuals that I hate to even provide calories calculation guidelines, but I realize you have to start somewhere. Try x 13 and go from there if you try the diet. The food log and the mirror will set you on the right track in a week or two.

Thanks, Chris the Unending Fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom! :slight_smile:

For the T-dawg 2.0 recommendations, breakfast contains carbohydrates. I understand that the introduction of carbs in breakfast will improve recovery. But in J.Berardi’s recommendation he says to include (for breakfast) only protein and fat for fat loss.
Please help. Thankyou

Actually, in the Don’t Diet plan, Berardi’s sample breakfast has a bananna and oatmeal in it (along with cottage cheese and protein powder).

Awesome articles this week!

Great thread on Coach Davis “War Horse Workout”! Everone should read it.

Great Atomic Dog by TC! Also nice to hear about what Biotest is coming out with soon!