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New Issue Up!

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the new issue of T-mag is a little shorter than usual. Actually, it’s not short, but a couple of the articles are “best of” repeats from past issues. However, Christian Thibaudeau’s “The Painful Seven” and Ian King’s “Death by Bodyweight” are new as is Reader Mail (always good info there on a variety of topics.) Those should keep you busy - and sore! We’ve also updated early today so we can go raid the leftovers. Enjoy!

Other notes: The new paper issue of T-mag should be hitting the stands about now with tons of fresh info. Also, the new photo forum is really starting to take off. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, do so!

And just for the heck of it, I’ll give the first person who responds to this thread a free subscription to T-mag or a box of Grow! bars. Your choice.

hope im first…have a subscription…grow bars would be excellent

am I first

where’s my box of grow bars

DId I win?

holla back Chris!!

Well hell, I’ll give it a try… there must be some benfit to being stuck at work today!

The freebies are a good idea. Keeps us on our toes.



There’s no posts there now, so hopefully I’ll win the subscription. ah wel1…

You got it, bigsd. Send me your mailing addy, phone number (no PO box please) and tell me what flavor you want. cs@t-mag.com

Damn! I’m never fast enough to get these things! Let’s do it again next week! :wink:

 Chris Ill be expecting my brand new box of lemon (yum) protein bars within 2 days. Thanx! lol. ~@*&%!

Is the newest issue #8? Or is there a # 9 coming out? I just picked up # 8 about two weeks ago, so I’m confused.

Lumpy, the newest issue is #237, but I assume you’re talking about the newsstand copy. #8 is out now; that’s the one pictured on T-mag main page.