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New IPF Rule


Change 14.9 Participating in Non-IPF Competition

Any lifter, coach, referee or official who competes or participates in a Powerlifting or Bench Press competition not organised, sanctioned or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any IPF international or regional competition for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved competition.

What do you guys think?


There actually is much discussion about this on the unnofficial USAPowerlifting message board.

I know in the past there has been controversy surrounding a similar rule about being banned after competing in a contest with another banned lifter.

I am not sure if this is a proposed rule, or if this rule is currently in effect. Personally, I don't like this rule. In other countries this is not a big deal. This stands to affect many US lifters that lift in multiple federations.

I am not sure what the motivation is for this rule.



I think its to kill off other federations that the IPF view as illegitamate. Just another rule to divide the sport further.


I think rules like these are detrimental to the sport. If the IPF offers an attractive product more people will want participation. Rules of this spirit will only make the IPF less popular.



Sounds like they're trying to keep their athletes from competing in the WPO. Didn't they already ban Liz Willet???


She is not banned.

There was a strange happening with her being taken off the list for the World Games. I don't know many of the details even though I have heard many rumors. As far as I know she did nothing wrong. As to who is at fault, the USAPL or IPF, I do not know.



Thanks for the correction. I only knew what I saw in Powerlifting USA.


The most ridiculous thing of all is that if I help out in a local gym meet for charity, such as helping out a friend, I will be banned from competing in the IPF for a year.


This is where they are ridiculous and very hypocritical.

I know of a high ranking usapl official who has contacted at least one wpo lifter to sign on. He was told we'll show you how to get around the drug testing.

My 3rd rule of life is everyone is full of shit, including the ipf.


It's hard to say how much this rule will be enforced. Liz Willet seemed to challenge this a bit, as she did violate the previous rule. Interesting that she was let into World Games right after the same rule would have banned Siders from the IPF.

Also note that it is an IPF rule, not a USAPL rule.


Rick James will also tell you the same story I mentioned.

The IPF is no bastion of morality.


IPF: Good standard for the three powerlifts, but sucks for the lifters.

Why cant we have a fed that has strict judging criteria, with ring card girls, loud music, beanie caps, and good times.

Maybe one day the WPO will get drunk/high at a bar and wakeup in bed with the IPF.

The resulting lovechild would be called powerlifting.



The latest IPF technical newsletter contains the following comments regarding the bench press:

"At an informal meeting of the Technical Committee recently, we spoke of returning the Bench Press to it's purest form and making it easier for the referees to judge. Now more difficult than the squat. Lifting out without spotter help - legs at ninety ( 90 ) degree angle - feet flat as shape of shoe will allow - head remaining on bench - signal at chest, were points that were discussed as some of the favoured options."


"The most ridiculous thing of all is that if I help out in a local gym meet for charity, such as helping out a friend, I will be banned from competing in the IPF for a year."

Wow Fahd. Why don't you worry about that when you get there. I didn't realize you were an elite powerlifter who is one of the talented that is actually in contention of a world team slot.



Sorry I meant the Brittish branch of IPF.


and that was an example, why the negativity?


They could just try to keep powerlifting pure and ban all shirts, but that would impact gear sponsorship.


Are you in contention for a spot at the World Championships?

I don't think the BAWLA would know about your extracurricular activities. Is the IPF going to follow such a 'high profile' lifter as yourself?

The IPF and it's branches are organizations where you can run for office and influence policy. They are not like other organizations who are 'ruled' by one person.

Instead of griping about rules, join the federation and vote for individuals who will vote like yourself.

I don't agree with everything the USAPL does or how things are run, but it is the best organization in my opinion.

Fahd, have you even competed?

I don't agree with your line of reasoning. And you strike me as someone who whines about problems that don't pertain to you instead of doing something about them.



Then there is this excerpt from the IPF Congress 2005 Minutes:

"Nevertheless I do not share the opinion that Powerlifting is a worldwide market where the IPF has to compete and challenge the other organizations. Our advantage ? and we are very proud on that ? is that the IPF is the only officially recognized worldwide Powerlifting federation whereas all the others are either not worldwide, no federations but only corporations or even simply private companies to make business with our sport and the vanity of people who want to get (not win) a world champion title even if it is completely worthless. A couple of weeks ago a got notice of a ?world championship? in my home country Austria where 46 out of 63 lifters in benchpress became world champions and every lifter received a medal except five who bombed out...

This misuse we have to fight but on the other hand keep our doors open for all the others who are really willing to agree with our rules and doping policy."


I agree there are federations out there that pander to people that want a 'world champion' certificate/medal.

But the rule will not convince more people to join the IPF and its affiliates. The IPF should strive to improve on what it has:

1.) strict judging
2.) drug testing
3.) the most member nations

The approach should not be one of banning lifters for competing elsewhere and potentially alienating too many people. The approach should be to attract people.