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New Inspiration (Future Mr. Olympia)


I honestly don't know if this guy is for real or if he's messin' around. At one point he says "I'm a warrior, like Dorian Yates motherfucker" LOL I DIED!!!!!!!!


the dude in those videos(i assumed by the way he came across in his post) put this up about a week ago, I think he needs to spend more time reading a dictionary


see ‘‘I wanna get muscular’’ in the beginner section


Thats some funny ass shit , posing in the dark was fucking EPIC .


look at this: it is a response from a jason hater

I am starting to think that bodybuilding is stupid


“It’s a decent product. It gives you a great pump!”

Wtf man…




lol i had to turn it off. and this is coming from the guy that didn’t stop eating jello pudding while watching 2girls1cup for the first time


Watch the Terminator one, IT IS AMAZING


This guy cant be serious…


He just said he was gonna destroy Kai Greene’s ass with a big blow.

Thats a quote


“Destroy Kai Greene’s ass with a big blow”??? HAHAHAHA!! Ok, its definitely official…this is some kinda prank vid or something…


At least he has a strong voice that backs up his powerful physique.


What is the deal with every jackass thinking they are interesting enough to have video posted of them on the internet? If I looked like that, there is no way in hell I would make it PUBLIC. These guys do it like they are proud of it.


um wow

we all know someone like this though don’t we?

just that guy that has too much heart and is quite retarded


Stupidly big, why’s he not pro already?


i sense a bicep tear in his future if he keeps deadlifting like that.


[quote]WS4JB wrote:
Watch the Terminator one, IT IS AMAZING[/quote]

The Rocky one has some gold in it too. Whether it’s his shirt, his triumphant run up a single step, his self-proclaimed scientific expertise, or his weird use of the slash[1], it’s all mind-boggling.

[1] He says he’s a powerlifter in the off-season and bodybuilder the rest of the time, which he describes as “/Bodybuilder Power-lifter”. Not Bodybuilder/Power-lifter, not Powerlifter/Bodybuilder, but /Bodybuilder Power-lifter.


[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
we all know someone like this though don’t we?

You mean delusional?

Yeah, you.


i just watched all of them…

“i’m gonna be honest with you people, i AM on supplements, i’m on protein, i’m on nitrates, but i’m look good awesome”

“kai green? i’m gonna dominate your ass”