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New Injection Site Recommendations


ok so im just bored so i decided to post this.

Started some tren a a few weeks ago and currently pinning in delts ventro glute and glutes. So that's 6 sites but i'd like to add another muscle group. I know the obvious answer is quads but for some reason they are super sensitive and I always seem to hit veins for some reason.

I was thinking maybe lats but that seems really fucking awkward and hard to reach/aspirate. Would tris or front delts work for .7-.9 ml?

What muscles do you guys rotate for every day injections?


Chest seems to be a popular one go to the spot injection website


Lats are awkward at first but they're a good spot. On your quads, make sure you aren't pinning too low, I know multiple people say their lower quads are much more sensitive than higher up.


you using slin pins?


no slin pins, i'd like to give it a shot though, just wanna make sure it gets in there deep enough though


Front center quads
Side center quads
Chest (SO easy!!!)
Now glutes with help from the GF. CAN'T do them by myself for the life of me
Was thinking about adding a couple more sites like traps and calves but a little terrified so haven't went ahead yet


chest sounds easy but also sounds freaky, i don't think i could ever do the left pec lol


You have to do what makes you comfortable. I was a bit nervous and worried about hitting my heart too, lol. As with everything I researched it before doing it and seems near impossible to hit something undesireable

I still only use 5/8" needles for my chest tho :slight_smile:


how many mls are you able to get in there?


I'm on TRT so my amounts are very little. My last Blast was @ 300mgs/wk so I've only inject just more than 1/2 a mill

If I do my next blast at 600mg Test and 300mg Deca I'd have to use both pecs on injection dsy. The most I'd put into my chest or shoulders would be 1mill I think


yeah that or i'd prolly just put it in the glutes for less pinning



seriously, you could pin your delts daily


daily? really? what length needle do you use, on a side note, i've been pinning my glutes with 1 inch needles and omg it's so much fucking easier for some reason, who knew half an inch would make such a difference


No fucking way in hell I could or would pin my delts. If I pin them more than twice a week I start having a alot of serious impingement when pressing. Even worse than normal.


29g, 5/8"

No injection soreness whatsoever


funny you should say that, because I've actually started pinning only my delts because pinning my glutes seems to make my back problems worse.


Same here. Have been pinning delts and quads on a daily with slin pins(30g 5/8"). Only use regular syringes when using concentrated gear (Prop 200, Test Ace 100, EQ 500) and even then I use 26g. Haven't had any problem/irritation in years. Slin pins >

Way too much of a pussy for Chest or Ventro Glutes lol



dude seriously ventro glute is the easiest site ever, although i do love shoulders, i get basically no pain whatsoever.

So you guys pin shoulders with slin pins daily? Is that fine to be pumping the muscle with oil daily?


Bro I've been told by many but I just can't. Just the though of it gets me light headed. Before gear I used to blackout if I just watched medical procedures therefore I stray away from any shot that makes me slightly uncomfortable.

And yea man its perfectly fine. A little fascia stretching never hurt anyone, at least not too much lol. But seriously, down here I grew up on stable blood levels being a priority so even esters like enanthate are spaced out 3-4 times a week.

Right now my pin split is:
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun - 0.25cc (Test E 250mg/ml)

Couple weeks ago I was doing 0.5cc of EQ (500mg/ml) on days in between. Next week I'm adding 0.25cc of Tren Ace (100mg/ml) every day. I only use delts and quads for the most part. I'll do glutes when I'm pinning a buddy and just to give the other sites a rest. Also I add Test Suspension/Ace on Chest days, usually split between both quads just out of OCD tendencies. I was put on slin pins before regular syringes so it's pretty customary for me. It's also motivation to stay lean year round.



Yeah, I doubt the stigma of scar tissues is a bad as made out to be. I'd prob be fine just doing quads and glutes but it's simple enough to rotate. My nephew admitted he was using 'roids years ago (NOT like he needed too, he went from 130lbs to a jacked 190lbs in 6mos) he said he only pinned shoulders